7 Best Five Number Summary Calculator

Unleashing Statistical Calculation: 7 Best Five Number Summary Calculator

1. Easy Calculation: 5 Number Summary Calculator

Easy Calculation - - Five Number Summary Calculator

The website Easy Calculation offers a respectable selection of calculators in many areas.

Even with such a large selection of calculators, Easy Calculation is rare. Without a doubt, this is the list’s most underappreciated website.

This website has a tonne of content in addition to calculators. Numerous charts, formulas, currency converters, and other resources are available.

The calculator from Easy Calculation has a fairly straightforward and user-friendly design. It is unlikely that it will be difficult for even a novice user to utilize.

In terms of design, the calculator performs well as well, albeit it is out of place on the entire page.

Your data point must be entered into the large input box located at the top of the calculator. Ensure that a space or comma is used to separate each value.

If the website weren’t so crowded, its layout and style would have been generally acceptable. The website’s contents and adverts are positioned so awkwardly that they nearly overlap.

Aside from this, the website functions fairly well and won’t cause you any trouble.

After entering all your data, click the large “Calculate” button, and the corresponding boxes below will show your results.

You will see your data in ascending order in addition to the 5 digits.

Please check out the many other resources on our website that you might find helpful.

2. Math Cracker: Five Number Summary Calculator

mathcracker - Five Number Summary Calculator

As its name suggests, Math Cracker is a website that offers a variety of mathematical tools.

Numerous arithmetic topics are covered by the calculators, graphing tools, and techniques available online.

You don’t typically see a section for financial calculators on websites like this one, but they do offer one.

This calculator is very easy to use and quite helpful when producing a five-number summary.

Although it is rarely chosen, the calculator’s extremely simple design works well with the rest of the website in this instance.

Simply enter your values in the calculator’s top box. If you wish to provide a variable to each data point, enter it in the box below.

If one is searching for a straightforward and uncomplicated design, Math Cracker can be a suitable choice. This website has a very attractive user interface.

The website’s colourful logo and white background complement the black header and menu beautifully. The menu makes it simple to access every tool and key area of the website.

The website has a few advertisements, which are occasionally bothersome, but you might miss them if you’re concentrating on your maths.

Once you click the “CALCULATE” button, a tabular representation of your data will appear below. Below are the steps to calculate each value in the 5-number summary.

Compared to other calculators on this tool, this calculator more accurately displays the results.

3. Hack Math: Five Number Summary Calculator

hackmath - Five Number Summary Calculator

The website Hack Math specialises in word math puzzles, printables, and mathematical calculators.

This website has a large selection of calculators covering a wide range of topics, including geometry, algebra, calculus, equations, combinations, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Although Hack Math isn’t a very well-known website, it is undoubtedly a very powerful one.

This calculator’s functions are essentially the same as the ones for other calculators that were previously covered.

All you have to do is enter the data points into the large box provided in the calculator section, separating each one with a space or comma.

There isn’t much to say about the calculator’s design because it merely has a text box with an action button located directly below it. The website has a straightforward, minimalistic style.

The majority of websites with calculators and maths have a consistent colour scheme. Except for the dark blue colour utilised in various details, this website is colourless.

Hack Math’s structure is practically workable because it’s easy to navigate through the many sections of the website. Once your data has been entered in the input field, click the action button.

The five-number summary values will be displayed below, with your data at the top.

Numerous other details about your data points, such as variance, mean, and standard deviation, will also be computed. A frequency table for your data points can also be found by scrolling down.

This calculator is ideal for those who would need more details about their data.

How is the summary of the five numbers calculated?

You can quickly and easily conduct the calculations with a five-number summary calculator.

However, it’s a good idea to understand this summary’s fundamentals before using the calculators. It is merely an elementary statistics.

The five values that we calculate are the maximum, minimum, first quartile, third quartile, and median, as you are already aware.

Let’s examine the calculation process for each of these numbers using a straightforward example from a sample of data.

1, 5, 23, 6, 67, 34, 4, 44, 5, 44, 34, and 10 are the data values.

Finding the maximum and minimum values in the data is quite easy; just pay close attention to the data and identify the values that are the largest and smallest.

Here, 67 is the maximum and 1 is the minimum.

You must arrange the data in ascending order to calculate the median, which provides us with:

1 4 5 5 6 10 23 34 34 44 44 67 are the data values.

After counting the data points and dividing the total by two, we will have six.

The median, or 10, will be the sixth value in the ascending data. Before determining the median, add one to the overall count if the number of data points is odd.

You can apply the formulas for the 25th and 75th percentiles, respectively, to obtain the first and third quartiles. It provides us with 39 and 4.5.

4. Statistics Helper: Five Number Summary Calculator


The Statistics Helper calculates the 5-number summary calculator and provides a free online tool to calculate it.

What is a 5-number calculator? It’s a set of five statistics that capture the main features of a dataset:

  • Minimum: The smallest value.
  • First Quartile (Q1): The 25th percentile, meaning 25% of the data points are smaller than it.
  • Median (Q2): The middle value when data is ordered.
  • Third Quartile (Q3): The 75th percentile, meaning 75% of the data points are smaller than it.
  • Maximum: The largest value.
  • Benefits of using a 5-number summary:
    • Provides a quick overview of the data distribution (spread, skewness, outliers).
    • Useful for comparing different datasets.
    • Basis for calculating other statistics like interquartile range (IQR).
  • The online tool:
    • Allows you to enter a list of numbers separated by commas.
    • Calculates the 5-number summary and displays it in a clear format.
    • Optionally, shows the data in ascending order and highlights the quartiles and median.

After entering all values we will get results at the bottom line, The 5-number summary of the data values:

Statistics Helper also has different mathematical tools like ,

5. Atoz Math: Five Number Summary Calculator


Another great website, that can quickly and easily do the calculations with a 5 number summary calc

Here, you will get different other related methods like,

  • Mean, Median and Mode
  • Quartile, Decile, Percentile, Octile, Quintile
  • Population Variance, Standard deviation and coefficient of variation
  • Sample Variance, Standard deviation and coefficient of variation
  • Population Skewness, Kurtosis
  • Sample Skewness, Kurtosis
  • Geometric mean, Harmonic mean
  • Mean deviation, Quartile deviation, Decile deviation, Percentile deviation
  • Five number summary
  • Box and Whisker Plots
  • Construct an ungrouped frequency distribution table
  • Construct a grouped frequency distribution table
  • Maximum, Minimum
  • Sum, Length
  • Range, Mid Range
  • Stem and leaf plot
  • Ascending order, Descending order

Checkout here for more details

6. All math: Five Number Summary Calculator

All Math is a versatile tool in math calculations,
As per All math details, the five-number summary calculator is a web-based tool that computes the five-number summary of the given numbers, which includes:

  • Minimum and Maximum Numbers
  • Q1 (First Quartile)
  • Third Quartile Median (Q3)
  • Along with the 5 number summary, it also discovers: Ascending Order Descending Order Interquartile


  • Inter-quartile: This is the difference between Q1 (1st quartile) and Q3 (3rd quartile).
  • 1st Quartile: The first quartile, often known as the lower quartile, is a range/value in which 25% of the points can be located (when ordered in ascending order).
  • Numbers are arranged in ascending order, from smallest to greatest.
  • Descending order is the arrangement of numbers from greatest to lowest.

How do you compute the five-number summary with All math?

  • Sort the information in ascending order: Sort the information from least to greatest.
  • Determine the Minimum: The first value of the arranged data.
  • Determine the Median (Q2): the data set’s middle value.
  • Find the First Quartile (Q1): Q1 separates the bottom 25% of the data from the rest.
  • Find the Third Quartile (Q3): Q3 separates the bottom 75% of the data from the rest.
  • Find the Maximum: The maximum value of the data set.

7. Omni calculator: Five Number Summary Calculator

5 Number Summary Calculator

Omni Calculator interestingly explains about 5 number summary calc with below real-life scenario.

Assume a corporation hires thirty people and claims that their average monthly wage is $4,000 per month. Is it that bad? But then you discover that your first cheque will be for $1,500. How is it so different from the $4,000 you heard? Is it because of taxes or something else? After all, it was just mediocre.

The problem is that persons in positions of power earn far more than low-wage workers. If the CEO earns $30,000 for sitting at their desk, their two closest coworkers earn $15,000, and the secretary earns $7,000 for preparing coffee, the company’s average wage rises significantly.

Even if many employees earn $1,500, the highest values elevate the mean so much that they may confidently claim that the average is $4,000.

So, what exactly is a 5-number summary? It is a mechanism for dealing with such disparities. It consists of five integers (surprising, wasn’t it?) that are significantly different from the mean of your sample. Rather, they tell you (approximately) how the numbers are spread between the least and maximal values. They are (in descending order of size):

  • Minimum: The dataset’s smallest number;
  • The first quartile is the middle of the smaller half;
  • The median is the middle of all values;
  • The third quartile is the midpoint of the larger half;
  • The maximum is the highest number in the set.

For example, the five-number summary of the facts from the preceding example would tell you that only a few people get close to the maximum wage of $30,000, but there are many of employees earning $1,500.

The box and whisker plot is a clever method to visualise the five-number summary. Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with a cat’s whiskers. Let’s go on to the next section and find out what it’s all about.

The box and whisker plot is explained.

Box and whisker plot - 5 Number Summary Calculator

Let us revisit the previous section’s example: the salary in a company that is giving you a job. Assume you have the five-number summary statistics of these data in the form of a box and whisker plot:

A box and whisker plot depicting a 5-number summary.
Even though there is no scale on the horizontal axis, we can still extract a lot of relevant information from the image. But first, let’s go over the entire box and whisker plot.

Let’s start with the Omni calculator now

Summary of Five Number Summary Calculator

You can learn a lot about any kind of data you are working with from the five-number summary. The values of the five-number summary can be quickly determined by a calculator.
Everything depends on the accuracy of all the figures you enter into the calculator, so that’s the only thing you need to ensure.
Make sure you check out each of these calculators individually. Words cannot adequately describe these tools. Look for a calculator that you believe has every function you require.

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