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What is Writetext AI

WriteText.ai is a WordPress/WooCommerce plugin engineered to facilitate the automatic creation of product descriptions and meta descriptions. Offering support for both individual and large-scale content generation, it integrates smoothly with WordPress/WooCommerce, providing a straightforward and efficient user experience. WriteText.ai enables the generation of various content forms including meta titles, full product descriptions, Open Graph texts, and image alt texts for all linked images. It operates in two main modes: ‘WriteText.ai Single’, which allows for detailed adjustments of settings prior to content generation, and ‘WriteText.ai Bulk’, designed for the high-volume creation of content across numerous products without manual intervention.

Additionally, WriteText.ai supports unrestricted connections to countless e-commerce platforms and permits the establishment of multiple user accounts at no additional expense, thereby enhancing scalability and versatility for businesses.

WriteText.ai Single

This option allows users to precisely tailor the tone, style, and market focus for their content. It includes engaging in detailed keyword research and selecting both semantic keywords and specific product attributes to integrate into the generated text. The system customizes text in roughly 50 seconds, after which users can review and tweak the content prior to publication. This mode is designed to produce content that meets specific audience requirements and emphasizes SEO optimization.

WriteText.ai Bulk

This option facilitates the generation of content for multiple products at once, allowing for the selection of several products and creating text for all of them in a single batch, maintaining consistent tone, style, and attributes across the board. Optimized for speed and efficiency, it enhances the content creation workflow, particularly for large-volume needs.

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Languages supported

Version 1.20.7 of WriteText.ai caters to a diverse international audience by supporting multiple languages including Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, and Italian. This allows businesses to seamlessly generate content in the native language of their WooCommerce storefront, expanding global reach and improving engagement with customers from various regions. Should a needed language not be available, WriteText.ai automatically defaults to English.

WriteText.ai Features

  1. Capability to connect to an unlimited number of e-commerce sites and manage multiple user accounts.
  2. Seamless content transfer and direct publication capabilities with WooCommerce.
  3. Options to select specific product attributes, tone, and style.
  4. Customization of content length, targeted audience, and user roles.
  5. Advanced image analysis to enhance text creation, providing detailed and engaging descriptions by analyzing product images for additional information, especially beneficial for products with scarce data or intricate names.
  6. AI-powered assistance for determining target markets and formulating custom market definitions.
  7. In-depth keyword analysis and integration of semantic keywords.
  8. Keyword density monitoring to optimize search engine optimization (SEO).
  9. Feature for text rewriting to refine and enhance content.
  10. Alignment with a reference product to ensure consistency in tone, style, and layout.
  11. Maintenance of a content review history log and management of bulk content.
  12. Support for multiple stores, facilitating broader content management.
  13. A Chrome extension designed for improved content management and product tagging, useful for fact checking or text revisions.

Version History

Version 1.20.7: 2024-03-13 Introduced advanced image analysis, automated Img Alt text generation, expanded language support, and a Chrome extension for streamlined content management.
Version 1.12.3: 2024-01-16 Implemented free monthly credits, removed the need for credit card entry upon installation, introduced bug fixes, and upgraded the installation wizard, reflecting our commitment to continuous improvement and user satisfaction.
Version 1.00.14: 2023-12-22 Initial release of WriteText.ai for WooCommerce


WriteText.ai is an independent tool developed to work with WordPress/WooCommerce. It is not affiliated or endorsed by WordPress/WooCommerce.

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