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What is Gling AI?

An AI-powered application called can eliminate awkward takes and silences from videos. This AI technology may completely change your editing workflow in a matter of seconds, saving a tonne of time and effort for video artists.

Who Should Use is a flexible tool appropriate for a variety of producers of video content. may greatly improve your video editing workflow, regardless of whether you’re a YouTuber, vlogger, filmmaker, or even a business owner making promotional films. helps content creators to easily create professional-looking movies by automating tedious activities and offering insightful recommendations.

How does work?

Simply download our desktop app and upload a video. Gling will automatically recognise and cut silences and disfluencies. The whole thing takes no more than a couple of minutes.

Is free to use?

Editing your first video is 100% free. After that, a subscription is needed. YouTubers can use Gling for free through our creators program.

Gling pricing plan

Free TrialPaid Plan
Each new user in Gling is entitled to upload and export one video for free.
The free video is limited to a maximum length of 1 hour for the raw video.

For users who require more extensive usage,
– Gling offer a subscription-based plan priced at $15 per month, or $10 per month for annual subscription ($100 payed annually).
– The subscription allows you to process up to 10 hours of footage
per month at no additional charge.
– In the event that you exceed the 10-hour limit in a given month,
you can still continue using Gling.
– However, for every minute of video processed beyond the 10-hour limit, an additional charge of $0.04 per minute will be incurred, equivalent to $2 per hour. (applicable only for monthly subscription)
– Rest assured, we will promptly notify you when you reach the
usage limit, and we will seek your explicit consent before applying
any additional charges.
Last updated on December 2023

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