TeacherMatic – The Ultimate AI Teaching Assistant

What is Teachermatic?

Teachermatic is an AI-driven platform created especially for teachers to transform the classroom. It makes use of GPT-3 technology to lessen the effort for teachers so they can concentrate on what matters—the children. With the use of artificial intelligence (AI), Teachermatic facilitates learning and increases productivity for both novice and experienced educators.

Teachermatic provides teachers with a range of AI-generated tools, such as help with lesson preparation, a multiple-choice question creator, a scheme of work generator, a rubric generator, and a class question generator, among other things.

Additionally, Teachermatic provides teachers with an AI rubric generator to save them time and effort when constructing grading criteria for assessments, as well as a glossary generator that enables them to easily develop a glossary for any topic or subject.

After utilizing Teachermatic, several educators have left good reviews, stating that it can enhance employee well-being, lessen workloads, and streamline duties while enticing teachers to use more creativity in the classroom.

Teachermatic Key Features

  • AI Lesson Plans
  • AI Multiple Choice Quiz (MCQ) Maker
  • Scheme of Work Generator
  • Class Question Generator
  • AI Rubrics Generator
    • When developing grading criteria for exams, teachers can save time and effort by using the AI rubric generator.
  • Glossary

How does Teachermatic help you?

The AI generators from TeacherMatic function as teachers’ helpers. They simplify the process of providing educational resources by producing worksheets, quizzes, and lesson plans automatically. Just specify the topic you need on the app, and it takes care of the rest. Teachers can save time in this way and use it more for instructing and building relationships with their pupils.

AI Generators For

  • Lesson Plans
  • Rubrics
  • MCQs
  • Course / Module Title
  • Course / Module description
  • Scheme of work
  • Topic notes
  • Flash cards
  • Bullet points
  • Quizzes
  • Classroom questions
  • Discussion topics
  • Plenary activities
  • Classroom Debate
  • SMART targets
  • Worksheets
  • Lesson Objectives
  • PowerPoint
  • Student Profile
  • Analogy Maker
  • Summariser
  • SPAG+ Feedback
  • Coaching Prompts
  • Lesson Observation Prompts
  • Lesson Observation Feedback
  • Mentoring Prompts
  • Appraisal Questions
  • CPD Action Planner
  • Newsletter Item
  • Course Publicity
  • Social Media Posts
  • Event Invitation
  • Assignment

Pricing Plan

Free£ 0Standard£ 99Professional£ 180
– Suitable for trying out our platform.
– 5 Generations per day
– Access to all generators (for a limited time)
– Suitable for moderate users.
– 30 Generations per day
– Access to all existing and upcoming generators
– Export as useful formats
– Perfect plan for professional teachers and educators.
– 150 Generations per day
– Access to all existing and upcoming generators
– Export as useful formats
Updated on December 2023

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