GhostCut – Professional AI Video Translator and Remover Tool

What is GhostCut AI Video Editing?

GhostCut can effectively handle jobs like video translation, hard subtitle translation, and subtitle removal, helping creators, merchants, and MCNs with localized video marketing.

GhostCut is a professional AI video editing solution that helps creators, retailers, and MCNs achieve localised video marketing. GhostCut can accomplish video translation dubbing, hard subtitle translation, and video subtitle removal in a single click.

GhostCut’s video translation and dubbing tool can convert audio or subtitles into many languages with a single click, making it simple to reach a worldwide audience.

GhostCut offers a variety of editing modes, including video de-duplication and one-click multi-style. One of GhostCut’s most notable features is its smart text removal tool, which can automatically remove hardcoded subtitles inserted in a video, making it simple for producers who don’t want them.

GhostCut AI Products?

● Smart Text Removal:

GhostCut - Smart Text Removal

We know that hardcoded subtitles are those that are already implanted in the film and impossible to remove. However, GhostCut is capable of intelligently removing these texts. It requires simply one click to remove subtitles. Try now

● Video Remaker:

GhostCut - Video Remaker

Why isn’t your video generating traffic? Each platform is open to original debut material, and your film may contain footage similar to previous videos, prompting the platform to determine if your video is portable or non-original. GhostCut has a variety of editing options to let you create unique videos. Try now

● Video Translation and Dubbing:

GhostCut - Video Translation and Dubbing

There is no need to manually translate and dub videos anymore. With GhostCut, you can translate audio or subtitles into other languages with a single click, then dub over the original audio and remove the original captions, making it simple to reach worldwide audiences. Try now

● Hardcode Subtitles Translation:

GhostCut - Hardcode Subtitles Translation

There were no practical ways for translating embedded subtitles in videos. Even software that extracts only hard subtitles is uncommon. GhostCut has now accomplished its goal. Even if the original video does not include a voiceover, the hard subtitles can be automatically extracted and translated into another language. After translation, the subtitles keep the original style and location while supporting both Chinese and English. Try now

● Image Translation:

GhostCut - Image Translation

Previously, employing picture translation was hampered by a variety of issues such as dirty erasing, uneven typefaces, and messy typography, which necessitated time-consuming and labor-intensive changes by the image editor. GhostCut can now effectively address the issues listed above. Compared to all other tools, there is a 25%-70% improvement in the initial usability ratio following translation. – Try now

● Image text removal:

GhostCut - Image text removal

Typically, removing text from an image requires manually designating the place of the text to be erased. However, processing a large amount of text or images will need energy. You may now utilise GhostCut for automatic picture text removal; he uses AI to properly identify all text, supports hundreds of languages, and then removes the text using the most recent Inpainting model. It’s incredibly straightforward and practical. Try now

GhostCut AI pricing plan?

Member Subscription – Purchase Credits to obtain membership privileges of equal duration:

  • 6 minutes – Maximum Duration of Works
  • 30 days – Validity of the Work
  • 1080P – HD Quality
  • 1G – Material Space
70 Credits / 7 days
300 Credits / 30 days
1000 Credits / 180 days
5000 Credits / 365 days
48000 Credits / 365 days
200000 Credits / 365 days
Updated on December 2024

GhostCut API Docking

Enterprise deep customization service

  • Template and script customisation options include weight reduction, mixed cutting, and brand customisation.
  • Open API Embedding: Enables API collaboration and access to capabilities like deduplication, subtitles, and video translation.
  • TikTok, INS, YouTube, and other sites offer automated content creation, replies, and analytics across numerous accounts. Genuine machine/cloud machine/API.

GhostCut Help Center

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In summary, GhostCut is a professional AI video editing solution that integrates many video editing capabilities to help artists, merchants, and MCNs with their video translation and marketing.

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