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What is Promptheus?

A Chrome Web Store addon called Promptheus enables users to speak with ChatGPT rather than typing messages. Users can talk to ChatGPT and have discussions that are quicker and more fluid than inputting text by hitting the spacebar.

It’s vital to remember that all audio processing takes place within the browser and that just the ChatGPT chat window receives recordings and data.

The extension also has features like the ability to only activate voice when the text input bar is not focused and the ability to open ChatGPT in a popup window by clicking the extension button in the top right corner, allowing users to browse from any location.

Promptheus Key Feature

Promptheus has a few unique features that set it apart:

  • To activate voice, just hold down the spacebar and start conversing using ChatGPT. This function helps your discussion flow as smoothly as possible by streamlining it.
  • Text-to-Speech: In response to user requests, the tool now offers text-to-speech capabilities for more flexible communication.
  • Easy to Use Interface: The revised interface makes it evident when you are recording and transcription of your voice.
  • Break the Flow: Need to add something in the middle of a conversation? To enter your new inquiry and stop the current conversation output, simply press the spacebar.
  • Multilingual Support: The extension is adaptable for users worldwide, supporting more than 40 languages, including Chinese and Japanese.
  • Personalized Conversation Starters: Customize every chat by prefixing your requests with your own unique words.

Promptheus – Voice Command for ChatGPT?

Users can submit their prompts to ChatGPT via voice input, which is a fantastic feature that eliminates the need for users to type any words. Because ChatGPT lacks a voice input feature, users can use Promptheus Voice Control for ChatGPT extension and utilize it without any hassles.

How do I use Promptheus Chrome extension?

  • Option 1 – install it from the web store:
  • Option 2 – install it from source:
    • Clone or download this repo
    • Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge:
      • Go to chrome://extensions/ respectively edge://extensions/,
      • enable “Developer mode”,
      • click “Load unpacked extension”,
    • select the extension folder in this repo.
  • Firefox:
    • Go to about: addons
    • From the Cog-Menu on the right choose “Install Add-On From File …”
  • License – MIT
Promptheus - Exploring ChatGPT with your voice

How Promptheus Works?

Promptheus makes interacting with ChatGPT easier. This is how you can begin:

  • For optimal performance, ensure that you are utilizing the Google Chrome web browser.
  • Go to the conversation interface on ChatGPT.
  • No further typing is required; just start speaking by holding down the spacebar.
  • ‘Promptheus Options’, which are situated in the upper right corner of your screen, make it simple to modify dialogue options.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros:
    • Text-to-voice feature for simple communication.
    • interface that is easy to use.
    • Updates on a regular basis and a developer who responds.
    • Its inclusivity is increased with multilingual support.
  • Cons:
    • Currently, only Chrome is optimized.
    • There have been several reported bugs that are still being fixed.

Promptheus Support:

Consider helping Promptheus out by writing a review or getting in touch if you’re finding the app enjoyable. Doug Silkstone, the creator, is receptive to suggestions and cooperation. You can reach him by email at or on Twitter at @dougiesilkstone.

Although there are some oddities with the tool, such as the conflict with the Advanced Data Analysis mode, work is ongoing and solutions are being carefully considered.


These commonly asked questions might help you better comprehend Promptheus:

  • What is Promptheus?
    • A: With the Promptheus Chrome addon, users can speak with ChatGPT by using their voice. It makes using ChatGPT easier and more effective by providing a more organic and intuitive interface.
  • In what ways does Promptheus improve the ChatGPT user experience?
    • A: Promptheus makes voice-based communication possible, which improves the user experience. As a result, conversations can proceed more quickly and naturally without being constrained by typing speed. Additionally, it makes communication easier for people who have trouble typing or would rather speak instead of write.
  • Which languages is Promptheus compatible with?
    • A: Over 40 languages are supported by Promptheus. By selecting ‘Promptheus Options’ in the upper right corner, users can change the language that is displayed.

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In conclusion, Promptheus gives your ChatGPT chats an extra degree of accessibility and simplicity. This plugin might be just what you’ve been seeking for if typing is a barrier for you or if you just prefer to talk without using your hands.

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