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Stable Diffusion-powered Mage.Space is a free online AI image-creation tool that provides limitless AI image generation. In order to create photorealistic, stylish, and unique AI-generated art and content, it provides more than 60 different bespoke AI models, including Text-to-image and Text-to-GIF generators. The software contains an automatic image upscaling feature that may scale images to a resolution of 2048×2048 for higher quality, increasing the richness and complexity of the images that are produced. Features

• Broad Range of Creative Possibilities; Over 60 Custom AI Models; Text-to-Image and Text-to-GIF Generators; Mage.Space; Extensive AI Models.

• High-Quality photos: The utility automatically upscales photos to a resolution of 2048 x 2048, which improves the output images’ quality.

• User-Friendly design: Mage.Space has a user-friendly design that makes it simple and quick to create images.

• Adjustable Guidance Scale: Users can change the guidance scale to modify how closely the AI creates images in response to the given instruction.

• Negative Prompts: With this feature, users can designate which aspects they don’t want to show up in the photographs they make.

• Privacy Feature: Users have the option to create photographs in secret, keeping control over who sees their work.

• Re-run and remix: Mage.Space gives users the option to reuse and modify previously generated images to produce new works of art.

• Image-to-Image Feature: This feature makes it simple for users to improve their images while making sure they properly match the prompt.

How to use Mage.Space to generate beautiful images

Mage Space is easy to use, especially for those who don’t pay for it. You can describe an image you want to make right away using the text bar on the homepage. It’s as easy as typing in a picture caption and pressing enter (or clicking the text bar’s end arrow) to use this method.

Adding a link to or uploading an already-existing image that you want to replicate is another way to produce an image. Mage Space will then examine the picture and automatically produce a request to produce a fresh, comparable image.

Thus, there are two main processes in the process of creating images:

  • Entering a text field for an AI art question, uploading, or attaching an image
  • Creating the image by clicking the arrow or pressing the enter key on your keyboard

In most cases, the procedure takes less than a minute. Following the display of the created image, you have a few options:

  • View picture data, including the image’s dimensions, creation date, and text-to-image model.
  • To save or paste the image prompt somewhere else, copy it.
  • Take a copy of the generated image URL.
  • Download the picture
  • Include tagging (hashtags)
  • Improve the picture

Mage Space offers three options for image enhancement: “Upscale + Face Fix,” “Upscale Only,” and “Upscale Pro.”

Mage.Space AI Pricing

  • Pricing and Availability: Mage.Space offers a free plan with access to the Stable Diffusion v1.5 and v2.1 models that permits limitless picture creation. This plan comes with improved features and privacy for your photographs.
  • Basic Plan: For $4 a month, users can access the same functionality as the free plan with the additional benefit of working on numerous projects at once.
  • Pro Plan: Users may access premium GPUs, over 30 tuned models, and the possibility to have multiple active sessions for quicker image creation for $15 per month.
  • NSFW Content: This is a premium feature that is closely watched and moderated to protect user safety.
  • Membership Plan Changes: Users can simply change their membership plans at any time, with early adopter savings available when upgrading.
  • Images produced by Mage for commercial use.Space can be used for business ventures without giving the platform credit.

Mage Space Use Cases

Mage Space

There’s no denying that creating photos using AI is enjoyable. Can AI picture production, however, fulfill far more significant functions in the modern world?

Yes, to put it briefly. Here are the top AI use cases that demonstrate how its cutting-edge AI technology may be applied to help various people.

  • Producing unique visual content
    • Digital marketers, bloggers, and content producers can all benefit from Mage Space’s ability to produce unique picture material. These users may easily create relevant image content for a variety of uses by using AI art prompts, eliminating the headache of finding stock photos and taking their own pictures or developing image content by hand.
  • Motivating artists
    • Mage Space is a great place for graphic designers, artists, and other creatives to get ideas. In this instance, artists are free from copyright concerns and art piracy by using the AI picture creation tool to produce visual ideas for their own artwork or even to recreate or draw from the generated images.
  • Motivating authors
    • Mage Space is an AI tool that creative writers, including novelists, can find handy. It can be used, in part, as a source of inspiration for settings and character concepts. Alternatively, it can be employed to produce fully realized character and world-building artwork for commercial purposes, assisting novelists in giving their envisioned works concrete images.


  • Is Mage Space reputable?
    • A: A well-liked and potent AI picture generator, Mage Space creates graphics in response to text requests. The AI technology allows users to produce images almost instantaneously by simply typing in a description of the image they want to create.
  • Is there no cost in Mage Space?
    • A: Online AI image generator Mage Space is available for free. Users that are not charged can utilize the site to create any type of image by using their imagination. Mage Space has two membership tiers, Basic and Pro, for those who desire more features and advantages.

Mage.Space Alternative

Try Craiyon or Stable Diffusion Online if you’re seeking for a free alternative because it’s not free. rivals DALL-E 2, Dall-E, Microsoft Designer, and DiffusionBee as fantastic websites and applications.

The most common substitutes are AI Art Generators, though they can also be Image Editors or Graphic Design Tools.

  • Fotor’s ai face generator
  • Soulgen AI
  • ProPhotos AI
  • ImaginAI
  • SnapFusion
  • OpenArt Photo Booth
  • Catbird AI


Does Mage Space make sense then?

All things considered, Mage Space’s true strength is found in its Pro membership. Here, users can fully utilize its potential as an AI image generator, utilizing more than 50 sophisticated text-to-image models, an infinite number of image enhancing tools, and the ability to create GIFs.

Unless you’re primarily interested in accessing NSFW content, the Basic Plan isn’t really worth paying because it doesn’t offer much more than the Mage Space Free Plan.

With its less sophisticated version of Stable Diffusion, the Free Plan produces aesthetically unappealing images but struggles to comprehend input prompts completely, leading to erroneous image generation.

Therefore, if you’re considering utilizing this AI technology, the Pro Plan is the best option. While Mage Space is undoubtedly strong, the Free Plan and Basic Plan sadly fall short of showcasing the full potential of this AI image creator.

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