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Dora AI Website Builder – One Prompt one powerful website

What is Dora website builder?

Dora AI Website Builder

Using the power of AI, Dora AI makes it simple to develop effective websites. You may create beautiful websites that are animated with AI 3D with just one text prompt. All parts of your website may be customised and adjusted with ease using the user-friendly no-code editor. There are a tonne of new features coming soon for Dora AI, which is now in alpha!

Dora AI Website Builder AI Key Features:

  • Text to Website – Create fully editable, award-winning websites from just a line of text.
Dora AI Website Builder Key Feature
  • Generative 3D interaction – With our 3D interaction generator, you can transform static designs into an immersive experience.
Dora AI Website Builder Key Feature
  • Advanced AI Animation – Automate the animation process and skip the hours of manual work.
Dora AI Website Builder Key Feature

Is Dora website free?

Dora Starter Plan is free for one month per site

Dora is currently in Beta, and minor adjustments may be made to the plan in the future.

Dora AI website builder Pricing plan
  • Beginning – Excellent for enjoyable projects.
    • Not only is it completely free, but you can use an infinite number of keyframe drivers to fully explore all of Dora’s essential features.
  • Basic – For websites that are prepared to launch.
    • Includes the advantages of creating personalized domains and eliminating the “Made-in-Dora” watermarks, turning your side project into a polished website.
  • Pro – Perfect for people creating highly functional, aesthetically complex websites.
    • This package elevates your website with additional bandwidth for site traffic, support for 3D widgets, and many other features.
  • Business – For bigger websites with unique requirements.
    • We can help you if you need to scale your site beyond Pro. Speak with us about the requirements for your company.

Figma to Dora

You may easily move layers from Figma to Dora by installing this Figma plugin. To achieve the required results, simply copy and paste the selected layers from Figma into the Dora canvas.

Steps to import from Figma to Dora

  1. Get the Figma to Dora plugin
  2. Pick the layers in Figma that you wish to duplicate 3. Use the right-click menu to choose “Plugins” → “Figma to Dora”
  3. Launch a new or ongoing project in Dora.
  4. Copy and paste the content onto the canvas.
Import-from-Figma- dora

Dora Ai website builder Feature?

  • Text to Website – Create full editable, award-winning websites from just a line of text
  • Generative 3D interaction – With Dora ai 3d interaction generator, you can transform static designs into an immersive experience.
  • Advanced AI Animation – Automate the animation process and skip the hours of manual work

Check more on Figma to Dora on youtube

Next Features

The Figma-Dora compatibility is always being improved by the Dora team. We plan to incorporate the following features in the next releases:

  • Fully functional Components/Instances
  • Support for importing Figma libraries
  • Ability to transfer custom fonts
  • Support for transferring vectors
  • Translations for corner smoothing

What makes Dora unique?

  • Characteristic
    • Dora is more adept at making sophisticated animated websites and 3D websites.
      • Enable dynamic 3D animations and support the direct import of 3D models into web editors.
      • A strong keyframe tool in the Dora editor that facilitates the creation of intricate animations, such as scroll animations.
      • A novel layout technique called “Dora Constraint Layout,” which makes it possible to create sophisticated responsive websites more quickly, easily, and conveniently.
  • Architectural Design
    • Lego Building Philosophy founded on atoms
      • As a result, we address 99 percent of conventional frontend technology scenarios by creating the underlying architecture and developing our ability matrix from both horizontal and vertical viewpoints. We integrate features and interfaces (think functional programming), and we provide consumers control over configuration through an ecosystem and plugin model.
    • Technology stack
      • Our use of the Flutter technology stack, which is built on top of the Skia engine, guarantees a consistent cross-platform strategy. Using a single no-code project, creating desktop, mobile, embedded, and other applications will go quite smoothly. Moreover, Super Input, logic flows, and potent rich text elements are all accessible. In contrast to other websites that rely on front-end technologies, the transition to multi-device applications in the future will not be without its difficulties.

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