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What is ResumAi?

Wonsulting AI is a firm that provides all job-search tools in one location; ResumAI is one of their products. With the tool, job searchers can quickly build resumes that are ready for interviews. It can modify your current resume in accordance with a job description or offer advice on how to make it better. It might help you attract the attention of application tracking systems by suggesting keywords and adding additional parts to your resume.

ResumAI uses the data you enter to create a résumé that looks professional. Name, educational background, and job experience are required. The remainder will be handled by the AI. Instead than requiring individuals to constantly change their resumes to fit different job openings, ResumAI generates many resumes.

ResumAi – How does it works?


With a single click, you may quickly generate a new set of resume bullet points. Be cautious, however. Some of these bullet points are so impressive that you may get interviewed for positions for which you are unqualified.

  1. Add your information.
    What is your role? What did you do? Give precise information upfront to achieve effective outcomes.
  2. Let our AI go to work! 🤖
    Our artificial intelligence employs cutting-edge machine learning technologies to provide you with outstanding resume bullet points.
  3. Prepare your bullet points!
    Pick the finest and include them on your CV! Repeat the technique until all of your bullets are on point.

ResumAi Key Features

AI-Powered Resume Builder

Transform your job application procedure.

Wonsulting created ResumAI, an AI-powered application that helps job searchers generate a résumé that stands out. The unique resume builder analyses your resume using AI technology and optimises it based on keyword relevance, formatting, grammar, and overall content.

The application offers personalised comments and ideas to help you improve your resume, boosting your chances of landing an interview with big organisations like Google, Facebook, Deloitte, and Goldman Sachs, among others. ResumAI allows you to submit a resume that correctly depicts your talents and experiences, giving you the highest chance of finding your ideal job.

Smart resume building without the hassle.

ResumAI makes your life simpler by automating the resume-building process and prioritising action-oriented material to help underdogs get their ideal jobs, regardless of background. The platform is easy to use and available to everybody, regardless of their level of experience.

Using ResumAI, you can construct a strong CV even if you have little or no past work experience, while still include information about your school and community activities. The resume builder facilitates more successful applications by composing and revising lightning-fast resume bullet points using cutting-edge ChatGPT technology, resulting in hirable material that feels more natural than you could have imagined.

You may select from a broad choice of ResumAI’s templates, making your resume seem professional while also sticking out from other applicants..

AI-powered Cover Letter Builder

ResumAI goes beyond the standard resume generator by including an AI-powered cover letter creator that may save you time and frustration. After analysing your resume and CV, the programme writes the most enticing cover letter possible. It allows you to choose from three cover letter writing styles – informative, professional, and situational – based on the sort of job you are applying for.

ResumAI’s AI can produce cover letters for every sector, ensuring that you have the best chance of sticking out to prospective employers.

Personalized Assistance and Recommendations

Customize Your Resume for Individual Jobs.

ResumAI’s AI-powered technology analyses job descriptions from potential employers and optimises your resume accordingly, increasing your chances of standing out during an applicant tracking system scan while avoiding common resume mistakes such as weak or meaningless keywords, typos, and unclear explanations. The tool offers personalized comments and ideas to help you improve your resume, and you can be certain that each version is suited to the position you’re looking for.

Real-time content evaluation

ResumAI analyses your text in real time, ensuring that your words flow naturally and without spelling or grammatical problems. You get rapid and practical feedback that helps you improve and make your material more clear, increasing your chances of landing your ideal job.

ResumAI examines your work for spelling issues, grammatical flaws, and odd phrases. It also identifies passive language, ensuring that your resume is written in the active voice, making it more appealing and easy to read.

Real Individual Attention

ResumAI offers live personalised attention services, allowing you to work one-on-one with a professional coach to construct the perfect resume. The personal coach will provide helpful recommendations and tips for your particular job application experience. The coach will assist you in customising your document to meet the recommended format of each employer while promoting your accomplishments and experiences.

You will learn how to manage job applications, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, networking interviews, and job interviews that are targeted to your specific requirements.

Prioritizes diversity and inclusion

Provides tools for underrepresented groups and people of color

ResumAI’s objective is to transform underdogs into victors who find their ideal jobs, regardless of background. That is why ResumAI places a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion, assisting underprivileged groups in achieving their employment aspirations by providing inexpensive, high-quality resume creating tools. If you are disadvantaged, a person of colour, and searching for a professional advancement, ResumAI is here to help.

Comprehensive Tools and Resources Available to All Underdogs

Wonsulting and ResumAI’s team promotes healthy conversations and reflection on their work in order to continuously enhance their content, resources, and products. They take pleasure in offering inclusive tools and resources for all underdogs worldwide, regardless of socioeconomic status or race.

They provide free beginning alternatives and affordable charges, given the knowledge of their professional personnel. They have a staff of skilled resume writers to guarantee that their diversified customer is completely happy with the service they provide.

An exceptional assistant available around-the-clock

You have to compete with the best to get employed. Thus, we are aware of how important our assistance is. For this reason, ResumAI offers a job recommender tool driven by AI that provides you with professional advice suited for all experience levels.

Furthermore, ResumAI is a cloud-based service that you may access from anywhere at any time.

ResumAi Pricing Plan

  • Firstly, Free 2 AI credits
  • Resume Builder – 5 additional AI credits – $3.99

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