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Lemonaid Music – Intelligent art for musicians.

Over 50 million different MIDI progressions can be created with Lemonaid Music, an AI-driven music production tool. It has a melody, chords, and drum patterns that have all been ethically trained using datasets that belong to the business and its community.

The programme is intended to serve as a co-producer, giving musicians new and innovative ideas to help them push their creative boundaries and create original music that expresses their story. Cloud-based Lemonaid Music may be integrated with well-known DAWs including Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, FL Studio, and Garage Band.

Lemonaid is moving to Lemonaide.ai

Lemonaid Music

Lemonaid AI Features

  • MIDI progressions, including melodies, chords, and drum rhythms, are generated in excess of 50 million different ways.
  • High-quality progressions are guaranteed by ethically trained datasets.
  • powered by the cloud for mobile music composition.
  • integrates with well-known DAWs including Garage Band, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, and FL Studio.
  • intended to serve as a co-producer who offers original creative suggestions and aids artists in overcoming creative obstacles.
  • creates original music that conveys a message.

“Seeds by Lemonade: AI-Powered Music Idea Generator for Producers – Ethically Sourced & Intuitive Tool for Musicians”

Lemonaid Music
  • Seeds by Lemonade empowers musicians with AI-powered technology.
    • Seeds app is intentionally built for music producers and musicians, incorporating a musician’s point of view.
    • Lemonade is a farm-to-table AI company, ensuring ethical sourcing of the product’s training data.
  • Lemonaide Seeds is a versatile music production tool
    • Lemonaide Seeds is compatible with any Mac or Windows machine and can be used with any Daw that accepts midi.
    • There is also a web browser version available for use on the go, ensuring accessibility even without a laptop.
  • MIDI files allow customization and personalization of music production.
    • Customize the file, change instruments, add your own drums, and maintain control as the producer.
    • MIDI files provide a foundation, but decisions and adjustments are needed to create a full song.
  • Using AI to generate music ideas in different keys and scales.
    • AI can generate music in any key and scale, for major and minor progressions.
    • AI can quickly create melodies and counter melodies for music production.
  • Lemonaide Seeds creates AI-powered music idea generator
    • Lemonaide Seeds encourages using custom sounds and VSTs for unique music production.
    • The company is open to community feedback, ideas, and engagement through lemonade.ai.

Lemonaid AI Pricing

Its basic plan, Seeds Lite start from $4.99 and advance plan, Seeds Deluxe starts $9.99

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  • How can I get Lemonaid?
    • Three options are included with Lemonaide: a web browser, a Windows application, and a Mac application.
    • Just select the ‘Download Free‘ option located at the upper right section of our website, register, and commence!
  • How then does Lemonaide function?
    • Lemonaide is an application available for Windows, Mac, and Web browsers that serves as a source of inspiration for music producers, ranging from novices to Grammy Award-winning artists. Lemonaide has assisted in the beginning of almost 40,000 songs as of February 1, 2024.
    • The 4-bar loops produced by Lemonaide Seeds, a melodic MIDI generator, are meant to be dragged into your preferred DAW. You can generate Chords only, simply Melodies, or Melody+Chords combined.
    • You can choose Key/Scales and Moods to engage with our cutting-edge A.I. algorithms. We’ll be developing this shortly to allow for even more interactivity so you can transfer that idea straight from your head into your DAW as soon as possible.
  • Do the outputs have no royalties?
    • Yes, all of the MIDIs produced by Lemonaide are royalty-free.
    • We nevertheless advise you to drag the outputs into your DAW and modify the files to your taste, even though they are royalty-free. After all, the whole point of music is to personalize it:
  • Which DAWs can I use Lemonaide with?
    • Lemonaide is a DAW-independent utility that can be accessed through your preferred web browser or as a Mac or Windows application. You can export MIDI that you’ve generated into your DAW using each technique.
    • That implies Lemonaide can be used with any DAW that supports MIDI!
    • P.S. You should definitely get in touch with a friend who can teach you the basics of music production if your DAW doesn’t support MIDI.
  • ‘Ethical AI’: What does that mean?
    • We are motivated and steered by our ideals based in ethical AI in all we do, from our long-term goals to our daily choices. To be more precise:
    • 1. We have no intention of replacing musicians. Our goods are designed to enable artists to express themselves and go beyond their boundaries. Since Lemonaide’s creators are artists, we know when “A.I. is going too far” in the creative process, and we never purposefully do “too much” beyond what a true artist should be doing.
    • 2. We feel that our algorithms are ‘farm-to-table’. We are aware of and have obtained permission from our network of friends and family producers to use their data to train our algorithm in order to help build the future. We can state with confidence that not a single line in our training dataset has been “scraped” off the internet; instead, all consent has been obtained as it should be.
  • If this isn’t just a MIDI bundle, how can I tell? Are artificial intelligence-powered outputs really this?
    • Yes, none of these melodies were composed by humans. Our A.I. algorithms, which were trained on our ethically sourced dataset that served as the basis for our models, produce each one.
  • Why do some of my outputs sound the same?
    • We let our model run without any creative restrictions for you. Although we make every effort to filter out outputs that sound same, some may still manage to get through because there are millions of potential outcomes. This may occur; in that case, simply go grab more seeds and click “dislike” so that we can monitor these generations! Lemonaide will get better, faster, with your support. Our models and systems are getting better every day.
  • What is the situation with BeatStars, and are they the owners of Lemonaide Music?
    • Through a strategic alliance, Lemonaide and BeatStars, two distinct businesses, are brought together by a common purpose to establish the benchmark for Ethical AI in Music Creation. We adore BeatStars and are appreciative of them as fellow users!
  • Is an internet connection truly necessary?
    • Yes, in order to obtain the outputs from our A.I. generation, which is entirely cloud hosted, you must have an internet connection.
  • What happens to Lemonaid 1.0 consumers who purchased the previous version?
    • Visit our Support page, and I’m sure you’ll be delighted 🙂
      Is “Lemonaid,” “Lemonaide,” or “Lemonaide Seeds” the correct spelling?
      We went by Lemonaid when we first launched.
    • We decided that something wasn’t quite right, so we renamed ourselves Lemonaide.
  • You can access Lemonaide’s melody algorithm, Seeds, by using the Lemonaide application.
    Anything further?

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Lemonaid AI alternative

Musicfy is best alternative option for Lemonaid Music.


Tools like Lemonaid, which are constantly changing the music production industry, are transforming the way musicians work together and create. For musicians looking for limitless inspiration and opportunities, Lemonaid is the ideal co-producer thanks to its AI-powered features, smooth DAW integration, and cloud-based technology. With its user-friendly platform and ability to shatter down creative barriers, Lemonaid is revolutionizing the landscape for musicians worldwide.

Other tools that are worth looking into for relevant themes or similar objectives exist in addition to Lemonaid. For example, take a look at Soundful, Voicify, and MusicStarAI. With the distinct characteristics and skills that each of these tools offers, musicians now have even more possibilities to improve the process of creating music.

Tools like Lemonaid and its equivalents are becoming more and more essential for producers looking for novel approaches to come up with new ideas and push the limits of their trade as the music production industry develops. Musicians of all skill levels can unleash their creative potential and expand the boundaries of music by adopting these cutting-edge technology.

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