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Bai Chat – A wide variety of state-of-the-art models, from strong image models to sophisticated language models and beyond.

What is Bai Chat?

Designated to offer a free and receptive chat experience, BAI Chat is a chatbot solution built on a mix of GPT-3.5 and ChatGPT APIs. Through a variety of prompts, such as inquiries and information requests about particular subjects, users can engage with the bot.

There are various channels where you can access the BAI Chatbot, such as a Telegram channel, a chat group, and a bot. The BAI Chatbot, being a cataloger of AI products, could be helpful for people or companies searching for a free, low-cost artificial intelligence solution that can help with simple questions.

Step-by-step guide on how to use TheB.AI:

  1. Initiate the conversation: Start by greeting TheB.Ai, you can say “hello” or just ask a question or share a topic you’d like to discuss.
  2. Ask your question or share your topic: You can ask about anything you’re curious about, seek information or advice, or engage in a specific topic of interest.
  3. Engage in the conversation: Once you’ve asked your question or shared your topic, TheB.Ai will respond by providing information, answering your questions, or engaging in a conversation with you.
  4. Continue the conversation: Feel free to ask follow-up questions, seek clarification, or explore related topics.
  5. Enjoy the interaction: Have fun interacting with TheB.Ai and make the most of the conversation experience.

Bai Chat key features?

  • Access via web – Our web tool makes it simple to integrate AI into your workflow, and it’s great for teams.
  • Access via API – Use our robust unified API to create your own AI applications.
  • Real-time Search – Instantaneous search for everything you’re looking for, including articles, photos, videos, and even solutions to arithmetic puzzles, using our in-house search engine.
  • Personas – You can pass a system message to any of our chat models to customize the model’s Persona through our application or API.
  • Long-term Memory – It eliminates the concern that models will forget what you previously said, allowing them to retain information from days, weeks, or even months in the past while also saving money.
  • Image Generation – Supported models are numerous Advanced parameters for a custom model.
Bai chat AI

Is Bai Chat AI free?

Yes, currently Bai Chat AI offer a free model for all users, but speed may vary with high traffic. It also provides free credits for new users to try out the paid models and premium features as belows.

Some of the Chat models are free while using the Bai chatbot, below are the available chat models along with their corresponding model IDs, token pricing, and billing methods:

Bai chat AI – Chat Models Table Pricing table

ModelModel IDWeb PriceAPI PriceBilling Method
TheB.AIgot-4-32k0.002$ / 1k tokens0.002$ / 1k tokensToken
GPT-3.5gpt-3.5-turbo0.0015$ / 1k in & 0.002$ / 1k out0.0015$ / 1k in & 0.002$ / 1k outToken
GPT-3.5-16Kgpt-3.5-turbo-16k0.003$ / 1k in & 0.004$ / 1k out0.003$ / 1k in & 0.004$ / 1k outToken
GPT-4gpt-40.03$ / 1k in & 0.06$ / 1k out0.03$ / 1k in & 0.06$ / 1k outToken
GPT-4 32KPalm 20.12$ / 1k tokens0.12$ / 1k tokensToken
Claude 2claude-20.02$ / 1k in & 0.05$ / 1k out0.02$ / 1k in & 0.05$ / 1k outToken
Claude 1claude-10.02$ / 1k in & 0.05$ / 1k out0.02$ / 1k in & 0.05$ / 1k outToken
Claude 1 100Kclaude-1-100k0.02$ / 1k in & 0.05$ / 1k out0.02$ / 1k in & 0.05$ / 1k outToken
Claude Instantclaude-instant-10.003$ / 1k in & 0.008$ / 1k out0.003$ / 1k in & 0.008$ / 1k outToken
Claude Instant 100Kclaude-instant-1-100k0.003$ / 1k in & 0.008$ / 1k out0.003$ / 1k in & 0.008$ / 1k outToken
PaLM 2palm-20.0008$ / 1k characters0.0008$ / 1k charactersCharacter
Codeypalm-2-codey0.0008$ / 1k characters0.0008$ / 1k charactersCharacter
Llama 2 7Bllama-2-7b-chatFree0.0004 / 1k tokens
Llama 2 13Bllama-2-13b-chatFree0.0008 / 1k tokens
Llama 2 70Bllama-2-70b-chat0.006 / 1k tokens0.006 / 1k tokens
Code Llama 7Bcode-llama-7bFree0.0004 / 1k tokens
Code Llama 13Bcode-llama-13bFree0.0008 / 1k tokens
Code Llama 34Bcode-llama-13b0.003 / 1k tokens0.003 / 1k tokens
last update on December 2023, check out for more details

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The BAI Chatbot functions as a catalog of AI technologies, thus it could be helpful for people or businesses searching for a free, low-cost artificial intelligence solution that can answer general questions.

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