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What is Mathly?

Mathly is an AI-powered tool that assists students with math homework by providing answers and explanations through photo-based problem-solving.

Learn about Mathly, a cutting-edge platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to transform your math education. Make an early access request right now to be among the first to use this innovative technology. In addition to solving your arithmetic problems, Mathly uses AI to deliver explanations tailored to your unique learning preferences. You can get a comprehensive, step-by-step solution from Mathly’s intelligent system by only snapping a picture of your math problem.

However, it doesn’t end there! Since Mathly values mastery, feel free to ask any follow-up questions you may have to make sure there are no unanswered questions. Mathly creates additional practice problems based on your needs to help you solidify your comprehension. Every answer includes an explanation intended to help you understand the ideas and sharpen your problem-solving abilities. With Mathly, you may experience the homework assistance of the future, where we guarantee that you truly understand the material you are studying in mathematics. Join us on a more intelligent, expedient, and customized educational path right now.

How to use Mathly?

Step 1 – Take a photo of your Math problem


Step 2 – Mathly artificial intelligence (AI) will solve your math queries and provide meaningful explanations. In order to verify your comprehension, they provide answers to your follow-up queries and provide more practice problems.


Mathly Key Features

  • Image-based issue solving: Take a picture of a math problem, and the AI will respond with an explanation that makes sense and an answer.
  • Individualized justifications: Get explanations based on the user’s preferred method of learning.
  • Productive and productive learning: The future of homework assistance is here with Mathly, which gives kids a productive and efficient learning environment.
  • Mathly is able to respond to any inquiries on the mathematical issue.
  • Similar ways of generating problems creates comparable questions for users to respond to and provides explanations for the answers.
  • The tool caters to diverse learning styles
  • Provides detailed explanations
  • Ensures accurate results
  • Offers customizable practice sessions
  • AI-generated problems
  • Allows follow-up questions
  • Solves math queries quickly.

Why to choose Mathly?

  • Comprehending Math Easily Have you ever stared at a math problem with a narrowed gaze, not knowing where to start? Mathly lets out a sigh of comfort. With the help of this program, you may take a picture of your arithmetic problem and receive back not only the solution but also a clear explanation of the steps involved. Receive explanations that actually make sense so you can stop looking blankly at textbooks.
  • Tailored Explanations for Specific Needs Mathly adjusts to you individually since it understands that every learner is different. When you ask Mathly to explain a math issue, it generates an answer that best fits your learning style. With this individualized method, you receive explanations that are specifically designed for you, which facilitates understanding difficult subjects.
  • Interactive Learning What should you do if a new concept or equation stumps you? Mathly is capable of answering your questions. Ask Mathly anything about the math problem and it will answer you. This interactive feature makes sure that nothing is overlooked on your path to comprehension.
  • Reiterating Information by Practice Learning a subject is one thing, but actual mastery requires practice. More practice problems that are comparable to the ones you’re working on are generated by Mathly. This increases your confidence and confirms your understanding. Once you get through these challenges, Mathly re-enters the picture by providing in-depth explanations that solidify your understanding.

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Mathly’s Use Cases

  • Assisting pupils with their homework in math
  • Giving specific explanations to improve comprehension
  • Responding to inquiries about mathematical issues
  • Creating analogous challenges to aid in practice and comprehension
  • supplying a practical and efficient method for learning arithmetic

Pros and Cons:

Pros of Mathly

  • Offers comprehensive answers to mathematical issues
  • Provides individualised justifications
  • Facilitates interactive education by enabling question-asking
  • Produces more practice tasks to ensure comprehension

Cons of Mathly

  • Because it is an AI-powered tool, it occasionally might not be able to comprehend sophisticated human inquiries.
  • According to early access, it might still be under development, therefore some features might change in the future.

The best alternative for Mathly


In conclusion, Mathly is an excellent tool for students who require more help with their arithmetic assignments. With the help of its AI capabilities, you may use it as a powerful tool to save time and energy so that you can concentrate on other priorities in your life. Thus, why hold off? See the future of homework assistance at your fingertips by visiting Mathly!

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