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What is GooGPT /

Google search results are combined with AI-powered chatbot capabilities on GooGPT, also known as It improves the precision and clarity of search results by utilizing real-time ChatGPT answers and results. It can be accessed for free from any internet-connected device. You do not require a ChatGPT account in order to use the application.

How it works?

Enter your prompt in the search and it will show the results below and you copy all text with the copy button at the bottom. The best part is you need to ChatGPT or any other login to access GPTGO AI. They have included a Premium ChatGPT account for us to use.

GPTGO / Googpt

Does GPTGO support multi-language?

Absolutely yes, it offers different languages like German, French, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese, Arabic Chinese, Czech, Italian, Korean, Japanese and many more.

GPTGO / Googpt multi-language

For example, if we select German as the language from above and enter the prompt it will show the results below:

Googpt / GPTGO

Autocomplete / Autosuggestion while searching in GPTGO

When you start typing your prompt or query it will give you a popular search as a hint while you type

Googpt / GPTGO

GPTGO AI / GooGPT Mobile app – UniChat?

The UniChat mobile app from GPTGo may be downloaded at the website link and is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. If you don’t want to install the app, you may bookmark GPTGO in your favourites list or set it as your preferred search engine to access it more quickly.

Get UniChat on IOS

Get UniChat on Play store

Is GPTGO AI / GooGPT free?

GPTGO is free, and using search in conjunction with a ChatGPT account that is paid for indefinitely is also free.

Does GPTGO AI require a ChatGPT account or sign-up?

No, you don’t need one. We’ve included a premium ChatGPT account that you can use without cost.

The best alternative for GPTGO

  • Docer
  • Anywebsite AI

Popular AI Chat tools


Finally, GPTGO AI is an innovative Google search engine bot that uses the responses from ChatGPT. Established on March 13, 2023, provides consumers with an improved search experience by fusing the rich knowledge of ChatGPT with the strength and effectiveness of conventional search engines.

A group of highly qualified Vietnamese engineers based in Eastern Laos created GPTGO AI, demonstrating the international cooperation and knowledge that went into its development. A search engine that offers precise, pertinent, and human-like answers to users’ inquiries is the product of the team’s hard work and inventiveness.

The integration of ChatGPT’s replying capabilities gives GPTGO AI a distinct edge over conventional search engines. It is more approachable and user-friendly since it can comprehend and react to natural language requests. Users save time and effort with this combo since it makes searching faster and more effective.

GPTGO AI bridges the gap between human-like conversation and search engine pragmatism by providing users with thorough and accurate responses to their queries. GPTGO AI wants to be a trustworthy and wise helper for people all over the world, whether they need help discovering information, resolving issues, or getting insights.

In summary, GPTGO AI, which combines ChatGPT’s capabilities with conventional search algorithms to offer customers an improved search experience, is the search engine of the future. The fact that a group of Vietnamese engineers developed it demonstrates the possibility of international cooperation and creativity in the artificial intelligence space. See the search of the future right now by going to

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