Looti – Enhance your business with hyper-qualified B2B leads.

What is Looti?

An AI-driven platform called Looti was created especially for hyper-growth businesses that need to produce B2B leads that are extremely qualified. With the use of sophisticated AI discovery, personalized filters, and data enrichment tools, Looti enables companies to identify the ideal target market for sales outreach, leading to increased lead conversion rates and maximized CRM potential.

It has a three-step process that involves connecting the CRM, obtaining lists based on ICPs, and creating smart lists in order to save time and resources. Additionally, it provides customers with quality leads, individualized personas, and AI-generated ideal customer profiles.

  • Generate B2B leads in a few clicks
  • Fine-tune 20+ filters
  • Hyperqualified leads (with contact info)

How Looti work?

It finds hyper targeted leads in 2 minutes

  • AI Discovery – Boost your business with high-quality employees. Looti finds your most relevant audiences from a variety of sources (CSV, CRM connection, LinkedIn profile, URL, and more).
How Looti work?
  • Fine-tune filters – Filter your results by job title, keywords, industry, firm maturity, technology, hirings, funding, and much more.
How Looti work?
  • Get activable data – Find ultra-qualified prospects with all contact details (email, phone number) that match your audience.
How Looti work?

Key Features

  • Leads Qualified by AI: Looti AI for B2B Growth creates customized lists of leads qualified by AI, enabling companies to concentrate on the most potential opportunities.
  • Customer insights: By giving businesses a quick overview of the requirements, habits, and preferences of their customers, the software enables them to modify their plans appropriately.
  • Many Plans: Looti AI for B2B Growth provides three different plans (Free, Pro, and Business) with diverse features and benefits to meet the demands of various types of businesses.
  • GDPR Compliance: Businesses may rest easy knowing that the Pro and Business plans comply with GDPR laws.
  • Bespoke Personas: Using consumer data, the software enables companies to develop bespoke personas that support focused marketing campaigns.
  • Newsletter Subscription: Through the newsletter subscription service, customers can be informed about specials, industry news, and product enhancements.

Looti Demo


Short Summary of demo

  • Looti releases hyper-qualified software
    • Edouard Vaudour, the CEO of Flutie, announces the release of their first software
    • The software generates hyper-qualified leads
  • Efficient creation of lookalike audiences for sales and marketing teams
    • Simple and accurate process
    • Less than 10 seconds to complete
  • AI-powered email verification for HubSpot CRM and CSV files
    • Verify email addresses in real-time
    • Reduce bounce rates and improve email deliverability
  • Generate custom personnel lists based on job titles, location, revenue, and technology.
    • Specify job titles, location, revenue, and technology to create a targeted list.
    • Use the custom personnel list to reach out to potential clients or job candidates.
  • AI generates leads matching customer attributes
    • Get fresh leads with one click
    • Efficient and targeted lead generation
  • LinkedIn provides verified emails and profiles
    • Scraping and finding contacts is no longer necessary
    • Access to verified information saves time and effort
  • Looti provides 100% accurate leads for free
    • Qualified leads can be obtained for free
    • Prospects can be known with confidence
  • AI can help supercharge B2B growth
    • AI can generate qualified leads for B2B businesses
    • AI can improve the efficiency of B2B sales processes

Use cases

  • Tailored Lead Generation: Companies are able to quickly locate and obtain B2B leads that are specialized to their industry and have room to develop.
  • Productive Outreach: Sales teams can contact potential customers more effectively by using precise contact information.
  • Advertising Campaigns: To improve conversion rates, marketers can design hyper-segmented ads using comprehensive lead data.
  • Data management: Businesses can handle and use their lead data more efficiently thanks to AI segmentation and built-in data cleansing.
  • CRM Integration: To improve customer insights and sales tactics, smoothly incorporate lead data into currently used CRM platforms.

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Pricing Plan

Businesses can test out Looti’s features and advantages for free with a free trial. Please check the website for additional information on pricing and package options.


In conclusion, Looti proves to be a powerful ally for businesses trying to enhance their plans for B2B growth. Looti is revolutionizing AI-powered lead generation with its incredible feature set, intuitive user interface, outstanding performance, and affordable price. Although a few little adjustments could improve the user experience, Looti is a great option overall for companies wishing to leverage AI to its fullest in B2B transactions.

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