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Skipit AI – Summarize and Chat with websites, Google Docs, PDFs, and YouTube videos. 

What is Skipit AI?

With the help of Skipit AI, you may connect with this platform more effectively as it extracts and summarizes data from PDF files and URLs. It’s similar to having a personal assistant that can scan a paper or webpage and rapidly highlight the important information for you. This can save you a great deal of time and work, particularly when handling complicated or lengthy information.

How to use Skipit AI?

How to use Skipit AI
  1. Locate the content that has to be summarized: This might be a PDF file or a webpage. Copy the webpage’s URL or the PDF file’s location.
  2. Deliver the material to the platform: Enter the PDF file’s location or URL here in the chat window.
  3. Suggest help for the plugin: All you have to do is request that the content be summarized using the Skipit AI plugin on the platform. Saying “Can you summarize this using Skipit AI?” is one example of what you could say.
  4. Await the synopsis: After processing your request and reviewing the content, the plugin will deliver a condensed version of it. The conversation here will include this summary in the same manner as any other response.
  5. Examine the synopsis: The plugin has now enabled you to peruse the summary it has produced. You can ask for more clarification or another overview if you require it or if anything isn’t clear.
How to use - Skipit AI

Best Use Cases:

  • For professionals and students who need to comprehend large amounts of information quickly, content optimization is ideal.
  • Interactive learning improves comprehension and retention by allowing users to query content interactively.
  • Collaborative sharing: Enables colleagues and peers to share condensed content, increasing group productivity.

Skipit AI Features and Functionality:

  • Summarization Capabilities: Quickly compresses online material, documents, and movies.
  • A deeper study of condensed content and queries is made possible via the interactive ChatGPT integration.
  • Interface that is easy to use: reduces the process of consuming content to a single click.
  • Compatibility & Integration:
  • Accepted Formats: compatible with a variety of online information, PDFs, Google Docs, and YouTube videos.

Skipit AI Pricing Plan

Free – $0/monthPremium – $9/month
4 hour YouTube videos
2,000-page PDF’s

4 hour Youtube videos
2,000-page PDF’s
Unlimited website content
✅ Improved AI model
✅ Faster AI responses
✅ Unlimited messages
✅ Prompt library
✅ Saved chat history
✅ Export chat
Updated on January 2024


  • What kind of links am I able to summarize?
    • As of right now, Skipit can handle links to webpages, articles, Tweets, LinkedIn postings, YouTube videos, PDFs, and Google Docs.
  • What kind of files am I able to upload?
    • As of right now, Skipit allows you to upload PDFs, Microsoft Word documents, .txt, .rtf, and .epub files.
  • For what length of time does the AI summarize?
    • It ought to happen practically immediately. It could take a few extra seconds for some larger file sizes.
  • Is there a maximum file size or video duration that can be condensed?
    • Four-hour YouTube films and two thousand-page written docs are the maximum for PREMIUM customers.
  • What occurs to my files following their summarization? Do your servers house them?
    • Nothing is kept on our systems in order to share or sell your information. All we do is keep your chat history safe for future visits.

The best alternative to Skipit AI


One particularly useful and effective tool for interacting with and summarizing digital content is Its one-click operation and integration of ChatGPT for interactive inquiry make it an invaluable tool for anyone looking to increase their productivity when consuming content.

Users may increase productivity, save time, and get the most out of their content-consuming activities using Skipit. Discover a fresh approach to online communication by making use of this potent summarizer tool’s amazing advantages.

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