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What is PlaylistAI

With the help of PlaylistAI, an artificial intelligence program, you can make playlists for Spotify and Apple Music. A few methods exist for creating playlists: – You can ask AI to create the ideal selection for you by entering a prompt, such as “Early 2000s pop music” or “Playing board games on a rainy day.” To create a playlist with the artists featured in a music festival poster, upload the image to PlaylistAI. You may use PlaylistAI to create a playlist of the songs in a video by giving it a TikTok or any clip that features multiple songs playing. PlaylistAI will create a poster and a playlist when you create your own music festival lineup with your best performers from the previous three, six, or twelve months.

PlaylistAI has no formal affiliation whatsoever with Spotify, TikTok, or Apple Music. It is a software made by Brett Bauman, who generated playlists based on user inputs using OpenAI GPT-3. The app’s goal is to simplify and enhance the enjoyment of discovering music and artists. Along with personalizing your app’s themes and icons, you may find playlists created by other users. PlaylistAI is accessible for iPhone and iPad through the App Store.

PlaylistAI – How to does it work?

Apply AI to find music – The purpose of PlaylistAI is to let you to create a playlist at any time, wherever you need it.

  • Smart Recommendations – Playlists are quickly suggested depending on the time of day.
PlaylistAI - How to does it work?
  • Create a playlist out of any Idea – AI will create the ideal playlist if you enter a prompt like “Lo-fi study music” or “Early 2000s pop music.”
PlaylistAI - How to does it work?
  • Listen to your All-time Favorite Songs again – Make custom playlists with the songs and musicians you’ve most enjoyed.
PlaylistAI - How to does it work?

PlaylistAI – Key Features

  • Playlists available instantly for music events –
    • We’ll create a playlist with the musicians participating if you provide a poster for a music event.
  • Any idea may be turned into a playlist
    • Just provide a prompt, such as “pop music from the early 2000s” or “board games on a rainy day,” and AI will choose the ideal selection.
  • Go back to your favorite songs and artists –
    • Create playlists of your favorites from the last four weeks, six months, or all time
  • Locate your favorite artist’s friends –
    • Once an artist is selected, AI will locate their friends and create a playlist.
  • Mix genres –
    • Choose from a variety of genres to receive music recommendations with bpm range filters.
  • TikTok videos with ID tracks –
    • Create a playlist by adding comparable tracks to the songs you see used in the videos.

PlaylistAI – Frequently asked questions

  • How do I administer my membership?
    • If you made your membership online, you may use this link to manage or cancel it. If not, you can manage your membership on iOS by going to the Settings app.
  • How do I prevent the addition of new songs to my Apple Music library?
    • In the Settings app, go to Settings -> Music -> Add Playlist Songs and switch off the toggle. There is no option to manage this from within PlaylistAI on Apple Music.

PlaylistAI Launch Demo

PlaylistAI Demo

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Discovering and creating music playlists is easier and more fun with PlaylistAI. Whether you want music for a specific moment or to explore new genres and artists, PlaylistAI has something for everyone. Come along with the over 100,000 users who are already enjoying PlaylistAI’s music discovery trip.

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