Formwise – The quickest and easiest method for deploying white label AI solutions with your custom prompts.

What is Formwise?

A cutting-edge platform called FormWise enables business owners, entrepreneurs, and SaaS providers to easily build their own white-label AI toolkits without the need for coding. Users can develop an AI toolkit that generates copy, scripts, emails, and other content in accordance with their brand voice. The user experience can be improved by chaining together favourite ChatGPT prompts to automate procedures and provide potent AI solutions.

Designing and embedding dynamic lead generation forms on landing pages with the potential to generate AI responses upon submission is one of FormWise’s notable capabilities. An integrated visitor experience is made possible by integration with well-known marketing tools. With numerous GPT engines, including GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 Turbo 16K, the platform’s point-and-click app builder enables customers to create as many tools as they want in any language for maximum innovation. Users can easily customise and launch their tools with the help of more than 40 ready-to-use templates.

Users may create monetizable AI tools that are fully mobile-responsive by grouping apps into a single toolset with white labelling and integrating permissions using FormWise. Each tool is specifically linked with the user’s vision thanks to the flexibility to customize apps to meet individual brand aesthetics, including customization of themes, colours, and backgrounds.

100% white-labelling, which permits total alignment with brand aesthetics, and a no-code requirement, which enables users, are further advantages of FormWise. Additionally offered are support services and an extensive knowledge base that offer quick engineering assistance and resources.


Formwise Features

  • In depth AI tool builder
    • Theme customizer
    • Drag & drop builder
    • Traditional form settings
    • Prompt builder
  • Import 40+ plug & play templates
    • Embeddable code customizer
    • White label URLs
    • Test different GPT engines
    • Chain multiple prompts
  • Powerful use cases
    • Embed Toolsets
    • Robust Fulfillment AI Tools Trained On Client Data
    • Dynamic Lead Magnets
  • Enhance your AI tools with data

How does Formwise work?

  • Step 1 – Create your questions
  • Step 2- Add a custom Prompt
  • Step 3- Publish your new tool

Create Profitable Generative AI Tools with Versatile Design

  • Deliver your AI tools in a tidy, embeddable package.
    Create a generative suite of AI tools (such as Jasper.AI) that will produce copy, scripts, emails, and other content for your clients. Make it industry/client specific to receive the AI replies you require in your brand voice. Embed and iFrame anyplace. Try now
  • Quickly chain your ChatGPT conversations into processes.
    Consider prompt chaining in FormWise to be a “Workflow” that automates your favorites ChatGPT prompts. Now create a white label tool that you can embed anywhere for your end customers, clients, or even your internal staff! Try now
  • Create dynamic, personalized lead magnets for your clients.
    Create and embed dynamic lead generation forms on landing sites that trigger an AI reaction when submitted. Integrate with your favorite marketing tools to improve the visitor experience. Send input data and AI replies to any webhook, Zapier, or High-level. Try now

Formwise Pricing

Creator – 7 Day Free TrialPro – 7 Day Free TrialAgency – 7 Day Free Trial
1500 Responses / Month

1 Toolset

Form URL Permissions
Access to GPT-3 Davinci

Access to 140+ AI Tool templates

Unlimited Responses

10 Toolsets

2 Collaborator Seats

Prompt Chaining

GPT-41 | GPT-3.5 16K Access
Unlimited Toolsets

10 Collaborator Seats

“Best of” Parameter Access

Batch Data Source Uploading

Upload up to 20MB Per Data Source
Updated on Jan 2024

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FormWise’s prompt builder course and knowledge base enable users unleash their creativity and create forms with limitless possibilities. The tool is notable for its scalability, completely customizable prompts, enterprise-level functionality, and lack of the need for an OpenAI API key, making it simple and straightforward to use.

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