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Fotor’s ai face generator – Online Free AI Selfie Generator

What Fotor’s AI Face Generator?

The AI selfie generator offers a wide variety of styles, such as oil painting, anime, Disney characters, game art, illustration, and illustration. You may easily build an AI selfie that meets your professional objectives or your personal likes with such a large range. Making original digital art has never been simpler, whether you want to emulate the colorful aesthetics of anime or the minute details of oil painting. Use our adaptable AI selfie generator to discover the art of creating selfies.

How to Make an AI Selfie with Fotor’s ai face generator

  • To begin, first click the “Generate an AI Sefile” button.
  • Post a selfie or a photograph of yourself.
  • After selecting a gender, Fotor will instantly create colourful and attractive AI selfies by automatically recognising the features on your face.
  • Examine and download the AI-generated selfies for your CV, social media profiles, and other uses.

Free Online AI Face Generator Key Feature?

  • Make Lifelike AI Human Faces in Only a Few Seconds
    • With the use of sophisticated artificial intelligence and deep machine learning, Fotor’s text to picture generator enables you to quickly and easily generate original, lifelike human faces from scratch. All you need to do is give Fotor a text description of the face you want to make, including details like gender, age, and ethnicity, and the tool will quickly construct an image of a fictional person for you. Alternatively, you can use Fotor to create AI faces that resemble your reference photo by uploading it. Unlock AI’s potential to produce realistic-looking faces!
Fotor's ai face generator
  • Custom AI Faces for Your Unique Requirements
    • You may make human looks that precisely fit your preferences using Fotor’s AI face generator. Fotor offers a wide range of options to choose from, including customizable head postures, skin tones, and a variety of haircuts and colors. For a more unique look, you can even add accessories like scars, makeup, or glasses. It’s now easier than ever to create a synthetic human face that fits your needs!
Fotor's ai face generator
  • Adaptable AI-Generated Faces for Any Occasion
    • To locate the ideal face portraits, you don’t need to look through stock photo websites. With Fotor, creating realistic, one-of-a-kind human faces is now simple. After creating the necessary faces, you can download and use them as you see fit in high definition. Use our AI face generator for identity protection, app and game development, or inspiration while creating profile images. There are countless options.
Fotor's ai face generator
  • Uncomplicated Face Enhancement Employing AI
    • Professional-caliber face improvement is available with our AI face generator. With just one click, you can improve photos with improved color and details, remove or replace backdrops, increase image resolution, and much more with an AI photo editing toolkit. Bid farewell to laborious hand editing. Try Fotor right now to see how AI can improve your face unlike anything else.
Fotor's ai face generator

Fotor AI Selfie Generator Feature?

Fotor's ai face generator

How to Use AI to Create a Face

  1. In only four easy steps, you can create photorealistic faces using Fotor’s AI face generator from text. First, fill in the text fields with specifics about the type of face photos you would want, including gender, age, and facial features.
  2. After that, just click the “Generate” button, and Fotor will quickly and automatically make a photo of your face that looks realistic. Click the “Generate” button or alter the text prompts to generate a new face photo if you are not happy with the one that was generated.
  3. Additionally, you can alter the image creation styles. There are many different styles, including anime, 3D, illustration, oil painting, and more. Decide which one you prefer.
  4. Once the desired face has been generated, save it by clicking the “Download” button in the right corner. It really is that simple! Try now
Fotor's AI Face Generator

Why Choose Fotor’s AI headshot?

  • Simple and Quick to Use
    Create a man, woman, and baby online with ease in only a few seconds using AI. Technical expertise is not required at all.
  • Superior Outcomes
    Our AI face generator produces realistic, detailed, and high-resolution AI face renderings thanks to its cutting-edge technology.
  • Simple Face Personalization
    a variety of adjustable options to precisely alter facial features, including expression, skin tone, hair color and style, accessories, and more.

Is fotor’s ai headshot generator free?

fotor’s ai headshot generator is not free, but it gives you 3 day’s free trial.

To unlock all Premium Features you have purchased below plan

Fotor Pro
US$ 1.11/Month.
US$ 13.33 Billed yearly.
Fotor Pro+
US$ 2.5/Month.
US$ 30 Billed yearly.
Updated at 22 Novemeber 2023

Fotor’s AI face generator alternative

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  • Soulgen AI
  • ProPhotos AI
  • SnapFusion
  • OpenArt Photo Booth
  • Catbird AI
  • Craiyon

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