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Childbook – Make Customized Children’s Book Illustrations!

What is Childbook AI?

You can build your Childbook AI personalised children’s book using our software and artificial intelligence. The text, characters, and graphics in this book are all personalised.

  • Unique
    It ensures that the stories we generate stand out from the crowd. The stories we write are never plagiarized. What we present is unique.
  • Customized
    They are not just stories, but the stories you want to hear. The characters are what you want to see. And the adventures they offer are just what you’re looking for.
  • Illustrations
    Our stories are illustrated. The adventures of the characters are illustrated. We make certain that the stories are not just written but also visually appealing.
  • Simple to use
    The created stories and artwork are available for viewing. We built a text-to-speech capability so that the stories could also be listened to. The stories are more enjoyable with a voice-over.

How to use Childbook AI?

How to use Childbook AI?
  • Register on Childbook or click on sign in, then click on “Create” link in menu
  • Enter the Title and Description of the book.
  • Both Title and Description will impact your story, they can be as short and as detailed as you want, you can write a few words or a whole outline it’s up to you. Regardless of that the book will have 4-12 pages, you can set it at the last step if you subscribed.
  • Example of Title – A mystery in the closet, A day on a beach, Adventures in the secret garden
  • Example of Description – Boy is scared of the monster in the closet but it’s just a shadow, The kids have a contest for the greatest sand castle, Girl visits grandparent in the village, she finds a garden which is full of secrets and adventures
  • Add the character name, like ‘The Dog’, ‘Adam Clarke’, also you can choose character type from dropdown.
How to use Childbook AI?

Childbook Features

  • Customized Storybooks: Using an AI storybook builder, completely customized books with unique character images and storylines are produced.
  • Canva Integration: For distinctive book designs, easily modify and personalize books with the help of Canva’s seamless integration.
  • AI-Generated Illustrations: To improve the visual storytelling experience, the platform makes graphic suggestions depending on the content provided.
  • Accessible Text-to-Speech Feature: This feature reads the book aloud, making it appropriate for kids who struggle with reading.
  • Total Ownership: Users keep total ownership of the storybooks they produce, enabling them to share, print, and sell their creations.
Childbook AI - generate children stories with AI

Childbook AI Pricing Plan

Single book $ 2.5 / 1 book
– Each customizable book has eight pages.
– Customized and distinctive tales, pictures, and characters
– Unlimited editing through the integration of Canva
– Make books come to life using the text-to-speech tool.
Premium plan$ 29 / month*
– Get access to Children’s Book Illustrator and Use AI to Illustrate Your Books
– Up to 500 personalized stories per month
– Up to 500 illustrations per month in our Illustrator
– Books in your language
– Unlimited editing via Canva integration
– Your name on the book cover
– Customize the story and illustrations to your preferences
– Increase the amount of text content per page
– Up to 16 pages per generated book
– Customized and distinctive tales, pictures, and characters
– Make books come to life using the text-to-speech tool.
Hobby plan – $ 19 / month*
– Get access to Children’s Book Illustrator and Use AI to Illustrate Your Books
– Up to 20 bespoke stories every month
– Up to 100 illustrations per month in our Illustrator
– Books in your native tongue
– Unlimited editing via Canva integration
– Your name on the book cover
– Choice for additional text content per page
– 12-page maximum for each created book
– Customized and distinctive tales, pictures, and characters
– Make books come to life using the text-to-speech tool.
Updated on February 2024

Benefits of Children’s Books AI

  • For Young Readers
    The storytelling experience is much more interesting when using Child Book AI. Now, kids may take on the roles of characters in their own stories, investigate other storylines, and even choose the course of their experiences.
  • For Mothers and Fathers
    Using Child Book AI, parents can design personalized storybooks that teach their kids the morals and educational principles they want them to learn. Sharing reading experiences with your child can become a special bonding experience made possible by technology.
  • For Teachers
    Instructors can use Child Book AI to produce informative resources for their classes that are also quite entertaining. Child Book AI has the ability to transform any subject into an engaging story, from science to history.

Use Cases

  • Personalized children’s books make for thoughtful gifts.
  • Innovative educational resources for young students.
  • Creative projects with adaptable plots.
  • Exceptional illustrations enhance storytelling experiences.
  • Tailored learning materials are designed for specific needs.
  • Captivating content for children’s publications.
  • Promoting reading habits and a love of books.
  • Enhanced parent-child bonding through shared reading experiences.


  • With your service, what kinds of books can I write?
    • A: Using our service, you can create illustrated children’s stories. If you provide our AI model a brief tale idea, it will generate an original story with matching illustrations.
  • Do the created photographs have copyright protection?
    • A: No, you are free to use the illustrations that our AI model produced in any way. You can use them for business or personal usage without restriction.
  • What is the price of producing a book?
    • A: There is a fee for our service, and monthly memberships are required. Books are $2.5 apiece. For $29 each month, you can get 1000 images and an unlimited number of stories—roughly 120 fully drawn books.
  • Q: How many images and pages will my book have?
    • A: Every book produced by our service has eight pages and eight illustrations.
  • What format is my book going to be in?
    • A PDF version of your book will also be downloadable on the internet.
  • Can I sell or distribute the book that was generated?
    • A: The created book is yours to distribute or sell however you see fit. The illustrations can be utilized in your own projects as well.
  • What happens to the personal information I provide to utilize your service?
    • A: Your personal data’s security and privacy are very important to us. We don’t share your information with any outside parties; we just gather the information required to produce your book.
  • How can I get in touch with customer service if I have a question or problem?
    • A: You can email us at or use the contact form on our website to get in touch with us. All requests will receive a response from us within a day.

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A huge turning point in the history of children’s books has been reached with the release of Child Book AI. This technology gives storytelling a new angle because of its unprecedented ability to engage, personalize, and interact. We at Story Spark are thrilled to be leading this transformation. Are you prepared to see children’s books in the future? Take a look at now to unleash your child’s creativity.

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