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What is Pebbely AI

Pebblely is an AI-powered platform for image curation that assists users in locating the ideal photos for their projects. It provides a vast collection of photos that have all been carefully chosen by a group of professionals.

How to use Pebbely AI

  • Step 1: Upload regular picture

Pebblely automatically eliminates the backgrounds from your pictures.

  • Step 2: Download beautiful photos

Pebblely produces photographs with ideal lighting, reflections, and shadows.

Pebblely AI

Pebbely AI Features

  • Resize and extend your images to any size
Pebbely AI Features

Convert a single created image into several marketing materials.

  • Instagram Stories
  • Facebook Posts
  • Email banners.
  • Hero images
  • Advertising photographs and more.

One image. Several bits of material.

  • Edit generated images with AI
Pebbely AI Features

Pebblely functions as a design tool rather than merely an AI picture generator.

  • Add multiple products:
  • Edit produced pictures.
  • Reuse a backdrop.

Generate AI fashion models

Pebbely AI Features

Take images of your clothes on different models in various postures and backdrops.

Works well on female fashion items including tees, blouses, crop tops, and sleeveless and long-sleeved shirts. Explore Pebblely Fashion

Benefits of Using Pebbely AI

  • Effectiveness: Take professional-looking product shots in seconds.
  • Adaptability: Create many product images in a variety of conditions, appropriate for a wide range of marketing applications.
  • The quality: Create photographs with excellent lighting, reflections, and shadows to increase the attractiveness of your items.
  • Simplicity of use: Pebblely’s user-friendly layout is simple to navigate and use, even for individuals who have no prior expertise with comparable applications.
  • Optimized Effectiveness
  • Savings on Costs
  • Superior Pictures
  • Brand Uniformity
  • Higher Conversion Rates

Pebbely Use Cases

Pebbely is a flexible tool that can be used for many purposes, such as:

  • Product shots for online retailers
  • Pictures of products on social media
  • Banner ads for email marketing
  • Sales materials and presentation decks
  • Printed catalogs
  • Blog entries and tutorials with lots of images

Pricing plan

Pebblely has numerous price choices, beginning at $9.99 per month. Annual memberships come with discounts. For more precise price information, see Pebblely’s official website or contact customer care.

Free – US$0Basic – US$19 per monthPro – US$39 per month
This includes:

– 40 images every month
– 1024✕1024 images
– 20 background themes

This includes:

– 1,000 images every month
– Custom sizes up to 2048✕2048
– 20 background themes
– Custom backgrounds
– Images with multiple products
– Edit generated images
– Reuse backgrounds
This includes:

– Unlimited images
– Custom sizes up to 2048✕2048
– 20 background themes
– Custom backgrounds
– Images with multiple products
– Edit generated images
– Reuse backgrounds
– Priority support
Updated on December 2023

Use Cases And Problems Solved By Pebbley AI

Creating high-quality product photographs without photography skills: Pebbley AI allows you to effortlessly make professional-looking product images even if you have no photography expertise. Simply input your product photograph, and Pebbley AI will create realistic photos of your goods in various backdrops and situations.
Pebbley AI generates product photos for a variety of marketing applications, including social media, e-commerce websites, and print advertisements. This saves you both time and money on professional photographic services.
Creating brand-consistent product pictures: Pebbley AI offers editing capabilities for customizing produced photos to match your brand and style. This helps to ensure that your marketing materials have a consistent look.

Optimizing product photos for search engines: Pebbley AI may assist you in creating product photographs that are more likely to appear in search results when potential consumers search for similar items to yours.
Creating accessible product photos: Pebbley AI can help you make your product photographs more accessible to individuals with impairments. To help visually challenged people comprehend the content of your photographs, you may provide text descriptions or alt text.
Here are some instances of how businesses are utilizing Pebbley AI to address real-world issues:

E-commerce enterprises may use Pebbley AI to create high-quality product photos for websites and social media. Increase conversion rates and sales.
Marketing agencies: Use Pebbley AI to create product photos for customers, saving them time and money on professional photography.
Pebbley AI may help product designers create photorealistic representations of their items for design input and pre-production modifications.
Social media influencers: Use Pebbley AI to create high-quality product photos for sponsored posts, improve content, and gain more followers.

Pebblely API Documentation

Pebblely offers an API for people and businesses who want to process massive amounts of product photographs.

The best alternative to Pebbely AI

  • RoomGPT
  • AIQrArt
  • Scribble Diffusion

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Pebblely is a sophisticated artificial intelligence technology that provides a unique answer to the issues of product photography. It’s a useful tool for small businesses, creative firms, and designers since it can automatically turn standard product photographs into professional-quality shots. While there are a few areas for improvement, overall user response is excellent, indicating that it is a reasonable purchase for those in need of high-quality product images.

Remember, as with any tool, you should assess if it is a good fit for your unique needs and take advantage of any free trials or demonstrations before making a choice. It is also advised to keep up with the tool’s development, since new features and upgrades are constantly introduced.

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