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Soulgen AI – AI Magic Tool from Text

What is Soulgen AI

Soulgen is a digital canvas where creativity has no limits—it’s more than just an AI art generator. Soulgen is a testament to the amazing potential of AI in the art world with its intuitive interface and abundance of creative tools. What, though, makes Soulgen unique from the others? The platform’s commitment to offering beautiful, high-quality photos is what genuinely connects with its customers. Soulgen provides all the tools required to produce intricate designs, stunning scenery, or everything in between.

Soulgen AI key features

  • Simple User Interface: The platform’s user-friendly design makes it possible for even individuals who are not experienced with AI art generation to browse it with ease and produce beautiful images.
  • Safe User Experience: Soulgen places a high priority on user security, taking precautions to safeguard user information and guarantee a secure atmosphere for creative work.
  • Accessible Art Production: Soulgen democratizes the creative process by offering a free trial and affordable price options to a wide audience, enabling AI-driven art production.
  • Text-to-Art Generation: Soulgen allows users to transform literary prompts into stunning visual art, bridging the gap between language and visual creativity.
  • Customizable AI Characters: By altering the appearance of the AI-generated characters, users may make each work of art uniquely suited to their personal tastes and creative vision.
  • Excellent Image Output: Soulgen is committed to providing customers with high-resolution images, ensuring that the artwork created is of the highest calibre and appropriate for any use.
  • Multi-Creations Generation: Soulgen substantially increases creativity and productivity by allowing users to produce multiple works of art at once.
  • Community-Driven Platform: Soulgen creates a community of artists and enthusiasts by providing a platform for individuals to interact, discuss, and collaborate on AI-generated art.

Soulgen Functionality:

1. Create a Portrait of Someone Lookalike

Make your created AI character look like someone! Upload a reference photo and ask AI to draw a character with the face of someone lookalike. Try it now

Soulgen AI

2. Edit your image

An AI tool designed to unleash your creative potential. Use straightforward text prompts to add, expand, and remove content from your photographs.

You have no limits to your imagination. Now so is your ability to create. To get what you want in your image, follow these 3 steps. You can choose from your own creations or upload any image you want, then choose the content from those images and enter text to get the desired result

Soulgen AI

3. Examine Endless Pictures

With AI Outpainting, you can imagine no bounds to the size of your image! To add more features to your photo, such as a background or characters, just resize the image and enter the text prompt.

Soulgen AI

4. Make a True Soulmate Using Your Imagination

Soulgen is an AI Magic Tool that is simple to use and works hard to fulfill your dreams. Give us a few words to describe your ideal character, and we’ll generate your artwork in a matter of seconds. Finding your soul match has never been this simple or genuine!

Soulgen AI

5. Chat with Your Dream’s AI Friends

Make the AI character of your dreams and strike up a conversation with her or him!
Create your ideal AI friend, then go on an online dating relationship with her or him. You can use voice or video calls to ask her or him to do anything. Now go enjoy your SoulChat!

Soulgen AI

How to Get Three Steps to AI-Created Images?

Step 1: Sign in to your account or, if you don’t already have one, start a free trial.

Step 2: Type in your explanation or the prompt.

Step 3: Select “Create.”

Soulgen AI Pricing Plan

Soulgen offers the below features in their respective plans

  • Remove blur
  • Lifetime save
  • Priority queue
  • No watermark
  • Unlock multitask
  • Multi-creations generate
  • Modify AI Girl’s looks
  • Edit image
  • 100 credits per month
  • High-quality image
1 Month Subscription
Price: $9.99 (50% off)
12 Months Subscription
Price: $69.99 (70% off)
Do check out for latest offer and plan update

How much does SoulGen cost?

The Pro plan from SoulGen starts at $9.99 a month and costs $69.99 for a yearly membership.


  1. How Do Image Tools for AI Operate?
    AI image tools generate images by utilizing deep neural networks and machine learning algorithms. These algorithms are trained on large collections of pre-existing artwork to identify patterns and styles that can be used for the creation of new images.
  2. Is It OK to Use for Business?
    Only if you created the artwork yourself may you use it for commercial purposes.
  3. Are Images Made by AI Subject to Copyright?
    No. SoulGen generates images that don’t exist, therefore copyright concerns are unfounded.
  4. Will My AI-Created Image Be Totally Original?
    Yes, SoulGen generates images according to your description; additionally, distinctive text adds distinction to an AI-generated image.

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