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Chatnode – AI CHATBOT TrainerBuild a chatbot to answer any questions on your Text / Website / PDFs

What is Chatnode

For professionals looking to use an AI chatbot to enhance their online presence, ChatNode is the ideal platform. Those looking to quickly and easily create a chatbot may find our clever chatbot builder to be helpful. Users may easily tailor their chatbot to their intended audience by training ChatGPT on particular types of data, such as text, PDFs, documents, and websites. To facilitate communication, users can also choose to include a chat widget on their website. Regarding cost, ChatNode provides a free plan for anyone who wish to use the software. To help professionals select a package that meets both their demands and budget, there are additional price plans that are designed with their needs in mind.

Chatnode AI

Train ChatGPT on Your Data

  • Create AI chatbots and embed on websites
    • Train AI chatbots on your own data
    • Embed trained chatbots on your websites for instant and accurate answers
  • Integrate with ease for endless possibilities
    • Support team or internal use on Slack
    • Quick demo to showcase ease of use
  • Creating a chat bot trained on website content
    • Training the bot on all website URLs
    • Adding internal FAQ and additional questions
  • Embed your chatbots into your website for support and sales
    • Capture customer information and review user chat stories
    • For internal use, embed your chatbots
  • Secure your site with Slack integration
    • Use Slack integration for employee onboarding and resource searching
    • Have complete control over all aspects
  • Customize language model settings
    • Use pre-selected templates for prompts
    • Add your own OpenAI API keys
  • Implement AI chatbot in your business
    • Sign up on to get started
    • Ensure to stay within plan limits while spending
Chatnode - AI CHATBOT Trainer

Chatnode cutting-edge Features

  • Give feed for your chatbot.
    In only a few minutes, add your whole knowledge base.
    • Online document:
      Learn how to train the bot on any URL with our robust URL scraper, including webpages, Google Docs, Notion, online PDFs, and more.
    • Offline Documents:
      To improve your training, upload any documents (.txt, PDF, Docx, and more).
  • Integrate wherever : On a pop-up chat window, SLACK, or a secure area of your website
    • SLACK
      • Engage the bot directly or integrate it into a channel and tag it to receive immediate AI responses.
    • iFrame
      • Include a bot in the process of a website secure page.
    • Pop-up
      • Similar to the previous chatbot pop-up, except at last it functions!
  • Live agent : Send a live agent the chat message.
  • Complement your brand : Total bot customization to reflect your company
  • Several sources of data : Utilize every kind of source to teach the bot.
  • Test and adjust quickly : Our playground is quick and easy to use. Test and deploy quickly and efficiently.
  • Personalized prompts : The AI prompt is completely under your control, so you can direct how the bot responds. or pick one of our pre-set options.
  • API : Do you want to link Chatnode to a particular app? Make use of our API!
  • Integration of SLACK : Engage with the bot directly or include it into the channels of your choosing.
  • 95 different languages : The automated response follows the question’s language. That will be fun for the entire crew!
  • GDPR-compliant : Our top goal is protecting your privacy. We

Chatnode Use Cases

  • AirBnB Host – Create a virtual AirBnB host that can answer guests’ questions about check-in/check-out, house rules, the neighborhood etc.
  • Customer Support – Quickly respond to questions about the products in an ecommerce store by feeding customer support emails into a bot.
  • Marketing – Find missing info in marketing materials after reviewing answers to basic questions about the materials.
  • Clerk – Review transcriptions from meetings, board minutes, or lecture notes.
  • Developer – Create a custom coding aid by providing specific examples or documentation for a programming language.
  • Researcher – Distill short responses from huge archives of blog posts or wikis.

Chatnode Pricing

All planes includes

  • Embed on unlimited websites
  • Add custom logo and colors
  • Chat history
– 1 user
– 5,000 bot answers
– 500K tokens per bot (≈500K words)
– 3 chatbots
– Unlimited data sources
– Embed on unlimited websites
– Slack, Crisp, Typebot Integrations
– Chatbot history
– Capture leads
– Customise chatbot design
– API access
Growth$19 / mo.
– Everything on Standard plan
– 10,000 bot answers
– 1M tokens per bot (≈1M words)
– 5 chatbots

EnterpriseOn Request
– 1:1 onboarding
– VIP support
– Dedicated account
– Exclusive coaching

Updated on February 2024


  • Which payment plans does Chatnode AI provide?
    • A: To meet the needs of diverse business requirements, Chatnode AI provides a range of price plans. These plans range in terms of features and customizability.
  • Does Chatnode AI have a free trial available?
    • A: Yes, organizations may test out Chatnode AI’s platform and see its possibilities with a free trial option. Businesses can test out Chatnode AI’s features and functions for free during the trial time.
  • Which features are included in the pricing options for Chatnode AI?
    • A: A plethora of capabilities are included in Chatnode AI price options to improve the chatbot’s usefulness. These functions could include extensive analytics, chatbot design customization, integration with popular messaging services, and more.
  • What advantages does Chatnode AI pricing offer?
    • A: Businesses can save money by choosing Chatnode AI over creating custom chatbot solutions from the ground up. Additionally, Chatnode AI helps companies to use AI-powered chatbots to deliver effective and efficient customer support, increasing customer happiness and cutting down on response times.
  • How can I pick the best Chatnode AI plan for my company?
    • A: Businesses should think about their budget and scalability requirements when choosing a Chatnode AI plan. Selecting a plan that permits expansion and is in line with the company’s financial resources is crucial.

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Finally, Chatnode AI provides fair pricing options that are ideal for companies of all sizes. Businesses can boost productivity and enhance customer service with their feature-rich plans and adaptable chatbot capabilities. Businesses can get an economical way to leverage AI power and gain a competitive edge in the market by selecting Chatnode AI as their AI chatbot solution.

Businesses can improve their customer service with a variety of features and functions offered by Chatnode AI’s pricing options. Chatnode AI offers the ideal package for businesses, regardless of whether they need sophisticated customization options or basic chatbot capabilities. With these subscriptions, companies can find the appropriate mix between price and features, which makes Chatnode AI a great option for companies looking to provide excellent customer support.

Businesses can save money by choosing Chatnode AI’s price plans rather than starting from scratch with custom chatbot development. Businesses may use their resources more effectively and still reap the benefits of AI-powered chatbots thanks to the reasonable cost. Businesses can deliver excellent customer care using Chatnode AI, increasing customer happiness and cutting down on response times.

Selecting Chatnode AI as your company’s AI chatbot solution guarantees affordability and enhances your customer support operations. For companies trying to offer smooth and interesting client experiences, Chatnode AI is the ideal choice because of its affordable prices, adaptable chatbot designs, and sophisticated integrations.

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