Mobirise Free & No code Website Builder Software

What is Mobirise?

With just a brief explanation of your website’s goal entered into the AI prompt, the Mobirise AI Website Builder ( completely transforms the process of creating and designing websites. You’ll receive a customized design, layout, and content. Even typefaces, color schemes, and images that complement your brand will be found by the AI. Customization is simple: just click a button, and the AI will recreate the content of any area if you would like it changed. Beautiful websites can be easily created by arranging pre-made content blocks using its intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Once you’re happy with what you’ve created, you can publish your website anywhere you like by simply downloading the ZIP package.


How Mobirise Website Builder Software works?

1. Drag and drop building elements : Start by selecting a template and making a new website. Next, use the large red “plus” button located in the lower right corner to enlarge the blocks panel, and begin dragging the desired blocks.


2. Edit and style inline : Modify each block’s content as you would in a standard text editor by clicking on the media elements and swapping them out for your own picture, video, or icon.


3. Configure the block parameters : The blue “gear” button will bring up the Parameters Panel where you can adjust the relevant settings.


4. Examine and release : To see how your website appears on various devices and publish it to a local drive, FTP account, or Mobirise subdomain, select “Mobile View” in the website builder.


Mobirise Key Features

  • 8000+ amazing templates
  • Free, premium themes and page templates 
  • Drag blocks to page
  • Edit and style inline
  • Set block parameters
  • Preview and Publish
  • Bootstrap builder
  • Host anywhere

Mobirise Website Builder Advance Feature & Benenfits

  • Coding is not required : With Mobirise, creating a website is incredibly easy and straightforward. You can add content, style it to your liking, and drag and drop website pieces onto your page.
  • Make your website stand out : With thousands of customizable choices, Website Builder Software provides a vast collection of over 9,000 website blocks, templates, and themes. Mix and match blocks from various themes to produce a special blend.
  • Mobile automatically : Because mobile web traffic surpassed desktop traffic in 2016 and is expected to continue growing through 2024, it is critical to design websites that display well across all platforms. All of the websites you create with Mobirise are mobile-friendly, so no further steps are needed. Your website will adjust automatically for mobile devices, so there’s no need to build a separate version.
  • Make changes locally, then upload anywhere : Publish your website to a custom domain, a local drive, an FTP server, or * Avoid being dependent on a single platform or service provider. You own your website and are in complete control of it.
  • Raise your position in the rankings : According to the Google Test, websites created with website builder software are 100% mobile-friendly, and Google (officially) adores those websites. Additionally, Mobirise supports the most recent Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) effort if you’d like to give it a try!
  • Blocks on trendy websites : Select from a wide range of recently created pre-made blocks, including social feed, video backdrops, sticky headers, shop, intro, forms, content slider, picture gallery, and parallax scrolling.
  • Builder for Bootstrap : The most potent mobile-first framework, Bootstrap 5, provides the foundation for Mobirise website layouts. Now you can be a part of an exciting developing bootstrap community even if you’re not good with code.


The web design tool Mobirise is available for free for both personal and business use. Get it now and use it without limitations on your own or your clients’ websites.


  • Which software is the best for creating websites?
    • For individuals who wish to rapidly and easily create a website, Mobirise is often regarded as the best website builder software. Important benefits of Mobirise:
    • You control your website with Mobirise. Modify the website locally, then once you’re ready, upload it to your own domain or hosting.
    • You may download and use Mobirise for free.
    • Anyone can use Mobirise because it is so user-friendly and simple! To modify to your heart’s content, simply drag and drop the desired blocks into the editor.
    • You may access all of the HTML, CSS, and JS code by simply publishing your website to your drive.
    • Since Mobirise is free for commercial use, you may make money creating websites for individuals and companies. Mobirise is available offline.
    • Even when you’re not online, you can still work on your website by downloading the app.
  • How can I make a website for free?
    • You must do the following steps to create a free website with Mobirise: * Download and install Mobirise on your computer.
    • Select a free template for your website.
    • Add as much text, photo, video, social media, and other information as you can to your website.
    • Use a Mobirise subdomain or publish to your drive or any other free hosting. * Your free website is now live and accessible to everyone.
  • Is there a really free website builder software?
    • The only desktop website builder available for free is Mobirise.
    • There are neither pricing tiers nor additional costs, in contrast to other website builders.
    • Without spending a dime, you may download Mobirise and make an infinite number of websites.
    • Additionally, you can utilize Mobirise to make a website for your company, yourself, or your clients.
  • Is Mobirise better than WordPress?
    • WordPress and Mobirise share a number of similarities. Both Mobirise and WordPress are free software that can be downloaded and set up on a computer in a similar manner. But setting up the server, PHP, and database for WordPress requires a lot more work and expertise. Furthermore, using WordPress itself takes far more skill than using Mobirise. As a result, Mobirise is a better option for people and small enterprises because it doesn’t require any specialized knowledge to develop a website. WordPress might be something to think about if you’re searching for something more sophisticated. But if you just need a simple website or landing page, Mobirise is a great tool that can help you finish the task quickly and painlessly.
  • Can I export a site made in Mobirise?
    • Of course! This is one of the important advantages of Mobirise. You can save your site to a local disk with all the files and assets and later upload to your server. The site will work on ANY web server, as it does not require any server-side support. You can also connect the Mobirise to your server via FTP and upload updates with one click.
  • The only desktop website builder available for free is Mobirise.
  • There are neither pricing tiers nor additional costs, in contrast to other website builders.
  • Without spending a dime, you may download Mobirise and make an infinite number of websites.
  • Additionally, you can utilize Mobirise to make a website for your company, yourself, or your clients.

How much does Mobirise cost?

Unlike other site builders, Mobirise has no traditional pricing tiers and is available for free. However, you’ll have to pay to use Mobirise to its fullest. Individual themes and extensions are available for purchase; these often cost $49. However, some additions, such as the Code Editor, have a one-time fee of $69.

Pricing Model – Freemium

Mobirise Website Builder software is free for both personal and commercial use.

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Review the Summary and Closing Remarks

Whatever your degree of expertise, Mobirise can assist you in creating the website of your desire. Beginners will love its simple drag-and-drop interface. With the Code Editor tool, you can make changes on your own if you’re an experienced web developer.

It is also extremely inexpensive. Without spending any money, you may create a simple website. You may also subscribe to the Website Builder Kit for just $149 if you’d like access to even more extensions and add-ons, or you can purchase the ones you want separately. With this, you can use any of Mobirise’s 4000+ premium themes and all of its tools.

Although the lack of a phone number or live chat is frustrating, Mobirise is an extremely wise purchase for anyone new to web development because of how simple it is to use.

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