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Oxolo ai – An ai-powered video content

What is Oxolo AI?

The AI-powered video creation tool Oxolo was created exclusively for e-commerce companies. Users may easily make video advertising with Oxolo, resulting in interesting marketing material that increases sales.

The instrument has four easy steps to operate: When customers enter the URL of their product listing, Oxolo instantly creates a video screenplay, handles all parts of video production—including actors, voiceovers, music, and imagery—and offers a simple editor for finishing touches.

Oxolo AI Pricing

Freemium. Paid plans start from $24.99/mo.

Oxolo Ai

Oxolo AI Key Features and Benefits

When showcasing your product, each Oxolo Video keeps the following objectives in mind:

  • Keeping it brief and to the point
  • Achieving greater brand relatability
  • Increasing the rate of customer retention
  • Increasing the ranking of your website
  • Maintaining user interest

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