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What is NetworkAI?

In 2019, Wonsulting was established to make losers into winners. By helping individuals pursue their ideal vocations, They want to assist students from non-target schools and non-traditional backgrounds. Thousands of people have benefited from their assistance in obtaining offers from prestigious businesses like Google, Facebook, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, and many more!

  • Let AI apply to jobs for you
  • Let AI write your resume for you
  • Never write another cover letter
  • Grow your network at the speed of AI

To achieve this aim Wonsulting offers below products:

  • NetworkAI – This AI tool helps to expand your network.
  • AutoApplyAI – This AI tool helps to apply for jobs for you.
  • CoverletterAI – This AI tool helps to best cover letters.
  • Resumai – This AI tool will write the best resume for you.

How NetworkAI works:

1. Enter your details: Simply enter your ideal position, current position, and desired employer, and we will build a personalized LinkedIn introduction for you.

NetworkAI - How it work

2. Let AI do its thing 🤖 NetworkAI will instantly compose a compelling, authentic, and wholly human LinkedIn introduction message for you using the most recent advancements in machine learning technology.

NetworkAI - How it work

3. Get networking! To begin interacting with professionals in the industry, copy your message and click the LinkedIn icon! Since every message you send gets automatically saved, you can keep track of the ones that work best for you!

NetworkAI - How it work

NetworkAI Pricing Plan

Discover exclusive job openings and apply to positions more quickly than ever before with Wonsulting’s expanding collection of AI-powered job search tools for networking, resumes, cover letters, auto applications, and more! They offer Free and Premium plans.

> Access to resume builder
> Unlimited resume downloads
> High-level resume score
> 5 bullet point generations
> 1 cover letter generation
> 3 networking messages

Everything on the Basic plan
> Unlimited bullet point generations
> Resume score and breakdown
> Unlimited cover letter generations
> Unlimited resume uploads
> Unlimited networking messages
> Automatically apply to 100 jobs +25 more each week
> Future releases included
Updated on January 2024


  • Is NetworkAI Free?
    • Without a doubt! We provide a basic plan that is free of charge to all job seekers. With the basic plan, you can create five bullet points, have an overall resume score, download an infinite number of resumes, submit one resume, and use the resume builder. And hey, if ResumAI has won you over, you won’t want to miss out on our all-access unlimited plan:
    • ResumAI, CoverLetterAI, and NetworkAI, in addition to having unique access to AutoApplyAI, which allows you to automatically apply to 100 jobs per week plus an additional 25. You can also see a comprehensive resume score breakdown.
  • Who is NetworkAI useful for?
    • NetworkAI is designed for people who want to expand their LinkedIn network without spending valuable time and effort creating flawless introductions.
  • Is it possible for me to sign up for just one of the features (ResumAI, CoverLetterAI, NetworkAI, AutoApplyAI) and not the others?
    • Sadly, they are unable to provide this option at this time. As offer services help to give you a better edge when applying for jobs, Hoping that all users can take advantage of them.

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This is an article about a suite of AI-powered job search tools called WonsultingAI. It discusses ResumAI, a tool that helps users build resumes and cover letters. It also describes AutoApplyAI, which automatically applies to jobs. NetworkAI helps users grow their professional network. WonsultingAI is free to use, with a premium plan available for additional features. Users have praised WonsultingAI for its effectiveness in helping them land jobs.

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